Sex doll maintenance Part 1

We know that your sex model is an investment. therefore, we’ve created a list of tricks to ensure the longevity and quality longevity of your flat chest sex doll.


Always use a water-based fluid whenever you sexually use the vaginal or oral canals to prevent skin tears.

Use only a water-based lubricant. Lubricants made of petroleum or silicon can harm the skin of your doll.


Don’t leave the legs or arms of your mini sex doll open or in the air for more than a few minutes. If you allow your doll to stand sitting with its arms in the air, or with its legs separated and its legs open, the tension in the TPE could result in it tearing. It is possible that your doll’s armpits , or the groin area is torn and may require repair. Always put your doll back in an un-tensioned, neutral position with arms by your side and legs shut when you’re not using it.

If your skin is sticky Dust your doll using Premium Renewal Powder with the brush included, following drying and cleaning for a smoother skin. soft and smooth. It is essential to do this to avoid your bbw sex doll from breaking.

Be cautious not to place your doll on or on items that contain ink, like magazines, newspapers and dark-colored materials. leather products that have oil-soluble dyes.

Don’t expose your figurine to sun light in order to prevent ageing of the TPE material.

The coloration of the doll’s eyes, lips cheeks, areolas, as well as lips are semi-permanent. It will fade after sexual contact or kissing, touching bathing, or the application of mineral oil, makeup remover, stain remover or other. It is recommended to apply makeup in the manner you like. We suggest using the use of a palette of matte eyeshadows that can be easily purchased on Amazon or in the local pharmacy.

TPE is a natural oil that is the reason why TPE extremely soft and soft. Be careful not to put your doll on unprotected surfaces which could let the oil seep out and dry the skin, which can cause it to break or split.

TPE has a flexible structure and will be prone to wrinkle and flatten if placed on a floor for any amount of time. If you are leaving your doll alone for longer than a couple of days, make sure you hang it using the hanging bar for wardrobes to prevent wrinkles and compression marks.

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