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Sex Doll is “In Trouble” Once More and Posing as a “Floating Corpse”, To Frighten the Public

Recent incidents of sex toys posing as “corpses” have been more common. Many teen sex doll players have struggled to find a way to handle abandoned sex toys.

According to British Metro network information, a couple were riding their bicycles as they passed by a river at the time. It was a terrifying scene

They saw a naked body tied to a bag of black garbage floating alongside a pile full of branches and reeds.

The police station immediately dispatched the police and also contacted firefighters. The body was eventually dragged to shore with some effort. The “naked corpse”, as it was called, turned out to have been an adult TPE sex doll.

View image of Police issuing a notice to the cheap sex doll‘s owner asking them to claim it. Credit: Gendarmerie De la Loire.

A notice was also sent by the police station asking the owner to come to the station and claim the “love doll”. The French police uncle seems “silly” and “cute”, according to me.

Similar events took place in western Germany almost simultaneously.

Offenbach police received the following report: A person found the body and hair of a young girl in a small wood.

The police arrived and found it to be a “sex doll“, but it was illegal dumping. They were investigating.

It also happened in Japan

According to Japanese news site Kotaku, a shemale sex doll made of silicone floating by a pier in Hachinohe, Japan’s northeastern coast, was mistakenly believed to be a body.

Natsuki Tanaka, a local resident, took several photos and shared them on social media. “When I shot the fishing video, it seemed like there was a corpse floating in the water. But there are still people who think so. The police, firefighters and ambulances all raced to the scene and pulled the “female body out of the water.”

In the photos, you can see multiple fire trucks, a cop car, and an ambulance at the scene. Watchers observed rescue teams salvaging the realistic sex doll that was mistakenly believed to be a human being.

Japan’s Kotaku website stated that the scene is very impressive, but it is thankfully an adult realistic sex doll and not a “female corpse”.

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