Sex doll garments

 Sex doll garments.

1. Ensure you clean any type of clothes prior to putting them on your sex doll.

New, unwashed clothing have dyes that can discolor your mini sex doll. Make certain you clean your doll’s clothing multiple times to eliminate any dyes from the material.

Keep in mind: All clothing is different. Some clothing can still discolor your doll after being washed. It is best to test it on your doll for brief amount of times or on a TPE example.

2. Stay clear of dark-colored clothes.

Dark-colored apparel can discolor your realistic sex doll even after it has been washed. It is best to avoid dark-colored clothing completely, however if it is needed, restrict the amount of time it is worn. Deep-colored clothes like strong red/blue can likewise potentially cause issues. Try screening the apparel on a piece of TPE or part of the doll (such as top of head) to see if it stains.

3. Stay clear of tight garments.

Prevent tight clothes because it can leave indents and markings on your doll. If it is essential, limit the quantity of time it is worn.

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