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A Dollar Every Time We Have Sex

This is an article posted by a person on reddit, here is the link:
The author saves a dollar after every sex, but can only buy one wheat chicken after saving for a year.
As can be seen from this article, the author had very little sex with his wife. Someone commented below that his wife never had sex with him after marriage.
I sympathize with what happened to them, but in this case, buying a sex doll can get your sexual desires fulfilled. Previous research has shown that reasonable sex can make people more pleasurable. Every year during the Olympic Games, many people also use sex to make themselves more relaxed and get a better result.
In today’s society, many people still have prejudice against sex dolls. But I think that sex doll is not only a sex tool, but also can bring warmth to people, you can see another blog here: It is not illegal to buy a sex doll, and we should treat people who use sex dolls rationally.
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A Barbie Doll Sex Ooak

A previous customer wrote us a few emails expressing his excitement after purchasing a sex doll from us. We chose to express it after obtaining his consent.Email From A Real Buyer:

After more than half a month of waiting, I finally received my doll, she looks very good. I can’t wait to use her.
I love Barbie dolls for a few reasons. It never occurred to me that one day my dream of having sex with a Barbie would come true. I’m glad you answered so many questions for me before.

Here’s another email from him a few days later:

The clothes I bought for her have been received, and she looks more like a Barbie after dressing up. She’s only 2.13ft and it’s easy to hold her in your hands. I am currently learning how to take care of my baby, she is like my baby, every day I open my eyes and see her next to me, every time I say good morning to her.
When I got home from get off work, she would sit on the sofa and wait for me. I will tell her what I am happy and unhappy about this day. She always listens to me with a smile. Although she can’t give me advice, I am also very satisfied. Once I was scolded by my boss, I was in a bad mood, but when I got home I saw her feeling better.
At night, I like to sleep with her in my arms. My bed was no longer just me, it was cold, and she made me realize what it’s like to be accompanied. When I can’t sleep, I talk to her. I love stroking her cheeks in the dark, framing her little by little. Since she was by my side, I felt the joy of falling in love. Thank you for giving me such a perfect doll!
Maybe I’m more excited, there are some problems with the sentence, please don’t mind.

Here is a link to the sex doll he purchased:2ft2″ TPE Mini Sex Doll | Rebekah | 18 Years

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Crowds Don’t Really Meet The Demand For Sex Dolls

The first thing we noticed was that certain groups of people didn’t really meet the demand for love dolls because of affordability issues. Once done, we fixed the issue a while ago. You might think this sentence shows that we are new. Well, you are right. We are new to the market.

I have been collecting dolls and making many costumes for my collection, but dolls are unique. Everyone I received had a gentle face with a refined smile. Her makeup is very elegant and her eyes sparkle with lifelike spirit. I can take my little girl and even put her in a stroller or choose cute baby clothes.

Not only do these life-size women help with masturbation, they also help combat loneliness. Many men go home to talk to their dolls, enjoy their company, and acknowledge that they have a real emotional connection with them.

It is recommended that the entire fucking small sex doll be lubricated with mineral oil once a month to keep it as new as it was shipped from the factory. Be sure to remove baby powder before oiling her body. We recommend using a water-based lube for sex with your doll. If you want to use regular lube, make sure it’s water based and not silicon based as it will damage the TPE material.

After completing these basic actions, we marked out the basic color of the eyes. Lastly, knowing eye color is important because dolls with bright eyes make us feel cuter. After darkening your brows or lip a little, use foundation or darken your doll’s chin to make it look prettier. Of course, there are also people who like to draw better-looking patterns on the doll’s forehead. So the real silicone doll makeup skills are not difficult, as long as you pay more attention, you can master it.

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Best Time to Spend with Sex Dolls

It’s not easy to get the love doll you need if you’re not willing to spend a fortune. Millions of brands have emerged and are leading the way in the manufacture of such sex dolls. Honestly, the price tags on some of these sex dolls will make you want to add them to your wish list rather than buy them. At least until we show up.

These dolls are perfect in every way. They were a blessing in my grief and helped me recover when I lost my child. I can hug them, dress them, talk to them, and take care of them as if I were taking care of them. The built-in heating made me feel like a real kid again.

Honestly, the days he spends with sex dolls are usually the best time for him to get dressed, cuddle on the couch, and maybe watch a movie together. You know, that’s the fantasy of having a girlfriend like that. I have never had such an experience. Like other men, this condition is also due to complications during growth. I have so many fears in my life that it’s hard for real women. I had a breakdown a while back and spent about a month with Maria and it was fun. It’s like a middle ground – you have someone, but you know you really don’t have them. “

Many clients have asked us how to take care of their true love dolls, so we have collected some tips and methods to share with them. Remember, dolls are not real people and must be handled with care. The joints of the new doll may be a little stiff. So be careful when trying to move the doll’s limbs, as the joints will loosen after a few days. Read the instructions carefully. When you’re not using your doll, make sure to always put your doll back in a neutral, stress-free position with your arms at your sides and your legs closed.

If you really want to master the makeup skills of real silicone dolls, we will first search on the Internet and it will be clear. When preparing the material, first wipe your baby’s face clean without leaving too much dirt. It’s best to tie your hair together with plastic wrap so the color doesn’t fall into your hair. There are many similarities between live doll makeup tips and live doll makeup tips. We can apply foundation first, then eye sockets, then eyes or eyebrows, or we can outline the mouth.

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People Own Sex Dolls For Various Reasons

The use of love dolls to recreate human existence was a common theme among the men interviewed. One doll owner named Mandy said he didn’t even see his two daughters as sex dolls, but as a surrogate family for the grown daughters. I want a human partner, he admits, but I find dating too stressful. I’m powerless with prostate problems, and if I get married, I’ll lose my pension – and a real woman won’t be better off.

The Melbourne psychologist told us that despite the unusual nature of these puppet relationships, he wouldn’t dissuade them if they were satisfied. What qualifications can I say to be right? The doctor explained that in my work, I respond to the needs of patients. I agree if they are bothered or bothered by their own habits. Using my personal judgment as a guide is not necessarily appropriate for my work.

In fact, sex dolls have never been considered a fully acceptable form of sexual and emotional expression, and lovers embrace it. When asked about the stereotypes surrounding dolls, the “bad name” given to doll owners is to demean them. People call us perverts, freaks, sex addicts or rapists. But people have dolls for different reasons: just because you don’t understand why doesn’t mean you can judge us.

People today are more open and accepting of realistic sex dolls. Maybe people didn’t accept such items in the past, because the customs and habits of the Chinese people have always been relatively simple, and the Chinese people’s concepts are relatively old. It was difficult for them to accept this missionary project, so this project could not be implemented in China at first, because many people could not accept such a project.

However, with the development of time and the advancement of science, people’s minds have gradually expanded and their personalities have become more open. Therefore, in many cases, real sex dolls are acceptable, because many people are still somewhat resistant to this kind of silicone dolls. Therefore, these products are selling well in China, but there is still a certain volume.

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Dolls Bring Joy To Their Lives

I love them so much and having these beautiful young ladies in my life has really given me new hope and a reason to live again. I definitely recommend it to anyone who wants a beautiful and unique doll to add to their collection or use a smaller 100cm love doll. Having an emotional support doll can help those suffering from grief or loneliness. I want sex dolls to help others the way they helped me.

However, the online community of more than 100 members presents a different view of doll owners or “doll lovers” as they prefer to be called “doll lovers”. For her, it was less about sex and more about companionship. The reason they like to play with dolls is social anxiety, or simply the feeling of being their true trusted companion.

Dangerous goods blacklist: alcohol, solvents, vegetable oils, silicone oils; new clothes may discolor the doll’s skin. The color is very deep. A good way to avoid this is to do laundry in the sink. To avoid chafing your armpits or other skin, keep your arms and legs straight and parallel to your body when not in use. If you stay in a bent position for a long time, such as B. When sitting or raising your arms, the skin folds can look like scars, even in the normal position.

Many people can accept that this doll makes their life happy, so this small breast sex doll gradually became popular. The person who buys this doll will not be seen by others. If the item can be rinsed with clean water, filter and rinse the surface of the item from debris and bacteria. Scrub the surface of the product with a 75% alcohol solution, then rinse again with water. After washing, dry in a ventilated, dust-free place.

In recent years, real-life dolls have received more and more attention and love from the public. It’s almost time for a complete transition from the age of bouncy dolls to the age of real dolls. Both inflatable dolls and live dolls are sex dolls that imitate humans. So what is the difference between an inflatable doll and a real doll?

An inflatable doll, as the name suggests, is an inflatable product. Silicone dolls need to be inflated with tools to create a human appearance. Otherwise, some manufacturers’ inflatable dolls are made of leather, and some have rough workmanship, that’s all. The other key parts of the inflatable doll are different from the physical doll, it is made of soft silicone or PVC. Because it is inflatable, various poses are also limited, and the touch is not as good as a real doll. It is also a cheap sex doll.

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Sex Dolls Are Always Open To Your Desires

Love dolls are the best toys for couples. They can make their sex life more interesting without cheating on each other. Sex dolls are always open to your desires. It will change your perspective and you will understand why your partner wants to be number one.

A gentle and beautiful Japanese girl. Men always think she is a charming little fairy. Everyone stepped forward to take care of her. Many girls are envious. But I have to admit that she is so cute that both men and women like to play with her. Maybe the perfect choice for your first purchase. It’s affordable and lightweight, so you can easily handle it whether you want to move it around during sex or store it.

Sex doll hook set. Hide it under your bed. People are less likely to explore what’s under your bed. Storing your sex doll this way is very safe. However, before putting the doll in the storage box, put a mattress or pillow underneath. Pay attention to the mattress or upholstery underneath, as dark or dirty stains can discolor baby’s skin. Sometimes their arm or leg position is changed if necessary.

So if you and your partner stipulate that sex with a sex doll is cheating, it will be considered cheating. If your partner accepts that you can have sex with Ava, then it’s not cheating. Don’t break the rules between you and your partner. If you’re not sure if your relationship rules prohibit masturbation with a sex doll, ask your partner.

The right tool for cleaning dolls: a comb. Mild liquid soap or antibacterial soap. water. Vaginal douching. Soft cloth (preferably microfiber) or sponge. Dry with a soft towel or fleece. Powder (cornstarch or baby powder). Baby Oil Vaseline. Sex dolls can be easily rinsed off in the shower or tub. Follow the guidelines below when cleaning.

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Sex Doll Surprised Him With Realistic Face And Body

Since he was still a virgin, he forced himself to buy a love doll from aldoll. The sex doll’s realistic face and body surprised him, and his skin looked like a real girl. He knew his dream would come true because he loved the doll.

This relationship can be difficult at times, it’s a relationship between two people. If you make a promise, you must keep it. Ask your partner if they can buy sex dolls. Sex dolls are just sex toys, not real people.

Wet dolls are slippery, be careful when handling them. Put your doll on a towel on the bed or bench and dry her with the towel. Do not blow dry your WM doll with a hairdryer. You can try spreading your legs and using a small fan to speed up the drying. Once the doll is completely dry, apply some baby powder all over the body, then apply some baby oil (not too much) and massage all over the body.

Stylish and modern girl with a sexy body. Her nipples are small and her ass is tight. She is fit, but not very thin. Feeling her skin and breasts will give you a comfortable touch. The two nipples are very cute, and immediately arouse sexual desire when they suck. Most importantly, such a hot and sexy girl, willing to do whatever she wants.

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Couples Like To Bring Sex Dolls Into The Bedroom

A healthy relationship usually doesn’t prohibit your partner from using sex toys. If the other person is uncomfortable with your use of sex toys, find a safer partner. Try new things with your partner. Maintaining long-term relationships is difficult, and people lose interest in their partners over time. Many couples like to have love dolls in the bedroom to make their sex life more fun than other real people.

How to clean small holes on sex dolls? Cleaning pores (vaginal, anus, and mouth) is more difficult than cleaning the surface of a sex doll. However, if you follow our instructions, you will find it easy to clean. The vagina, anus and mouth are the openings where you and the doll have the closest contact. Damp and dark deep holes can breed bacteria and pose a huge threat to your partner’s health. Bacteria can also damage the doll’s structure and shorten the doll’s lifespan.

Retired widow, 55 years old. He was disabled in a car accident last year and lost his left arm. Still having a strong sexual desire to have someone to share his life with, to be with him, to hear him tell about his past life experiences. And he knows no one wants to spend the rest of their life with a disabled old man, so he bought this young WM doll to enjoy normal sex.

What is it like to be a sex doll? How to use sex dolls? First, with today’s advanced technology, they look and feel very realistic. Some photographers buy sex dolls to take pictures. After seeing the photo, you really can’t tell the difference from the real model. Realistic sex dolls are a good substitute, even if they are no better than real sex partners.

He was very happy for this young sex doll, and had always dreamed of a young girl with little life experience, innocent and full of energy. With this beautiful young girl lying in his bed, Ben got his best company and a good listener.

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What It Feels Like To Have Sex With A Sex Doll

If you want to know what it’s like to have sex with a sex doll, buy one. Love Dolls can help you learn more about your body and understand your desires. Sharing the same hobbies with your partner will make your partner more excited and the two of you closer than ever. Buy yourself a sex doll, explore a wonderful sexual journey, and learn more about your partner’s needs.

Using loofah: After rinsing the inside of the doll with a vaginal douche, you can also scrub the inside of the doll with a loofah and rinse it again. Please buy soft loofah, if it is too rough, it may damage the doll. Use a hand shower.

You can touch lifelike skin, feel its muscles or move movable joints like a real person. And kissing NL’s delicate lips will give you the feeling of a real passionate kiss. Having sex with realistic sex dolls will also give you a very realistic feel.

Soft Realistic Skin 100cm Torso Half Length Male Doll Size 4 Heads Buy Cheap Sex Dolls
She can be not only his girlfriend, sex partner, but also his daughter and mistress. The best part? She has a good temper and always obeys his orders and never judges him. The single mother lived in Los Angeles where her husband died in a car accident. She believes that no one can replace her husband, and she doesn’t want a real man to be her child’s stepfather.