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Seoul Football Club uses sex toys that look like real people

Although we have confirmed the authenticity of the mannequin, it is not related to adult products. The problem is that we didn’t conduct a thorough inspection. This is our fault. Fans were shocked by the apology. One fan claimed that they were “obviously sex dolls”, undermining Seoul Football Club’s efforts to “watch football for the whole family”. This was not confirmed by the manufacturer of black sex dolls. K League has not responded to calls seeking clarification. The K-League will suffer setbacks from this event. It is the only top-football league that was active during the pandemic. This league enjoys an unprecedented level of popularity. This season, the copyright was purchased by 10 broadcasters from Asia and Europe.

“We are deeply sorry for the models who were present at the May 17th, 2020 game.” We must clarify, however, that while these models appear and feel like human beings, they are not intended for sex. The manufacturer confirmed this. “We were given the models by a tpe sex doll manufacturer, who claimed they were costume models. To confirm they weren’t being used for sexual activity, we did two to three checks. We have managed to find their ribbons before giving them to you. The label was returned with the mannequins. They were given the names for colored ribbons. This is all that is associated with the ribbon. This is our error, and we cannot verify it. We apologize for. We are sorry.

Sports teams all over the globe have slowly returned to normal since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. Some can go back to training even in empty stadiums while others are able to return directly to the game. The Korean football team tried to recreate the atmosphere of the game before screaming fans with their creativity. K-League FC Seoul put a heap of “Mannan”, on all the stadium seats, gave them club T-shirts and some even had a celebration logo.

“We are trying to find a clear explanation. South Korea became the first country to participate in the coronavirus epidemic. After the Grand League, South Korea gained unprecedented international attention.

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