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Self-serve, unmanned sex doll company

According to the information in the store, the owner of the self-service shop was reached out. According to the owner, business at the self-help sex store has been very good. Unmanned self-sale is equivalent to two wages. It saves labor and does not delay normal work. You can replenish your supplies every day, or at least two or three times a week.

It was discovered that the majority of adult products available on the market don’t have the production batch number for the relevant state department. It is impossible to ensure quality control when the producer manages and supervises himself. It is difficult to ensure quality control when the producer is responsible for all aspects of production.

TPE love dolls for sale are very private and can be used in any way you like. However, when quality issues occur, rights protection is a problem. Although online merchants state that they will accept returns if there are quality issues within seven days, the condition for returning them is that they cannot be opened for further use. Many customers have stated that they have never used the product before. Consumers are more likely to remain silent or to consider themselves unlucky and to not speak up to defend their rights.

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