Repair facial cracks on Sex dolls

It is possible to use the same procedure described above to fix the facial cut on the TPE doll. But, you must practice in order to repair your doll with perfection. You require the proper equipment and methods for repairing small scratches on your TPE doll, as well as the best method for repairing the doll.

It’s not that difficult to fix the general damages of a shemale sex doll. It will require more attention to detail as well as the right repair methods and tools. Repairs can also be accomplished with the remote assistance of the seller.

Usually , glue is available to fix the issue inside the accessory bag that is included with the mini sex doll, therefore how can you fix the doll? What repair techniques are most than a concern for the owners of many dolls The following ALDOLL cheap sex doll that we will provide you with.

For the purpose of repairing wounds on dolls in sex, silicone material is more practical. Cleanly treat the wounds free of dust and water. Then apply the glue on the wound, applying a kneading motion to the wound. Then, allow it to dry for a few hours. It’s normal for the skin to is a bit damaged. You should be mindful of this spot in the future , and make sure not stretch the area overly.

Because the sex doll constructed from tpe is produced using a high-temperature manufacturing process and repair glue made of TPE and the silicone repair glue aren’t universal and the methods for repair are different. The repair glue in TPE will exhibit an effect of decomposition on TPE material.

Thus, it is important to apply pressure to the wound right after application of the adhesive patch. The wound will grow larger. The simple maintenance offered by the manufacturer is fairly straightforward. You can make use of tools like Channel heat gun to cut an item that is the same size as the wound, and then remove the remaining material and place it on the wound.Use the use of a heating gun to warm the area to melt the material and heal. The wound can be smoothed with a small spatula. you will not see a mark; it appears simple however it requires a great deal in skill.For the dolls bought from ALDOLL store, we will offer scraps of material or contact us to request them in case you require to fix the wound.

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