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Technical – How to Fix a realistic sex doll

 Realistic tpe sex doll are cute things made from one-by-one molds. Because the skeleton is attached to the alloy inside, it also resists the realistic sex doll‘s feet. But over time, the realistic asian sex doll skin or TPE material inevitably gets damaged. Except for some irreparable damage, general lesions can be repaired. But these […]

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What should you look for when you are buying a sexy toy for the husband?

  It’s important to first consider the preferences of your husband. While some men might prefer anime-style dolls that have extravagant features, others may prefer more realistic flat chested sex doll which are more akin to their real-life counterparts. Certain men prefer large breasts, a small waist and big buttocks, Others prefer smaller natural breasts, […]

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Owning a Sex Doll For The Ultimate Feeling Of Sex That’s Forbidden

The word “forbidden sex” is tangy and has a intense sensation to it. As soon as you think of it, a surge of energy flows through your body and your body begins to be energized with the thrill of complete pleasure and satisfaction. However, in reality the person you are with might not want to […]

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TPE dolls as well as silicone dolls pros and cons of contrast, what do you purchase?

Anyone who is familiar with adult sex dolls should be aware that all physical dolls available comprise of silicone dolls and TPE dolls, of which the tpe dolls are among the top one. The majority of people both silicone and tpe dolls cannot be distinct, and so this article will guide you through various ways to […]

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To get the most sexual pleasure from a cheap silicone sex toy, use only the finest lubricants

If you use silicone-like dolls, it is obvious that you will pay for the beauty and longevity of your sex life. Remember that this is an investment. To make the most of your sweet, sexy pet, it is important to take good care of it. Here are some tips to use dolls. We’ll talk about how to keep your […]