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What should I do if the sex doll gets dirty accidentally ?

Many of the love dolls currently on sale are of high quality, focusing on the texture and appearance of real women. However, if you accidentally soil it, its attractiveness may be halved. Below I will explain in detail how to remove the stains once attached.

Use a special stain remover

If your love doll gets stained, there is a TPE-specific stain remover. There are silicon love dolls other than TPE, but there is no problem using them here as well. This stain remover is sold on mail-order sites that sell love dolls. When removing the stains, also prepare a cotton swab at home. Place a cotton swab in the stain remover container and immerse it in the drug. Then apply this drug directly to the spots.

・ Leave it as it is for a while

After applying the stain remover, leave it as it is for a while. This is to wait until the active ingredient penetrates the material and decomposes the dirt. How long you wait depends on the condition of the dirt. If it’s mild, it’s good to take about 10 seconds, and if it’s bad, it’s good to wait for about 1 minute just in case.

・ Wipe off dirt

If left unattended, use a cotton swab to wipe off any chemicals and dirt. At this time, use a clean swab instead of the cotton swab before soaking in the medicine. If the dirt is extensive, you may want to wipe it off with a clean cloth. If this doesn’t completely disappear, repeat from the beginning. Doing this a few times should gradually clean it up.

It is also important to keep it clean from daily life
Rather than cleaning the love doll after it has been spotted, regular maintenance is also necessary to keep it as clean as new. For everyday care, you can use the same items as our body wash, such as body soap. However, if you don’t want to put extra strain on your skin, it’s a good idea to use medieval or naturally derived ingredients that are gentle on your skin. We recommend body soap that even babies can use.

・ Especially for cleaning around the vagina
In the case of love dolls, the area around the vagina is easy to get dirty even in the whole body. If semen is left as it is, stains and discoloration are likely to occur. Therefore, you should carefully clean your vagina every time you use it. If you plan to use it often, it’s a good idea to buy a vaginal washer. Simply put soapy water in it and push it toward your vagina, so it’s easy to use. Vaginal cleaners are sold at a reasonable price, so you can easily get them.

Be careful of discoloration

Color transfer due to discoloration is the most common cause of stains on love dolls. Of these, the one that you should be especially careful about is the color transfer from your clothes. Of particular note is stockings. If you leave the black one as it is, it is easy to get stains. If you really want to put on black stockings, bite something in between instead of direct. If you wear skin-colored underwear, you don’t have to worry about how it looks.

・ Dark clothes are NG

When dressing, you should avoid using too dark colors. If you really want to wear it, it is recommended to wash it and let it fade before you wear it. If the color still fades after washing several times, it is recommended that you do not wear the costume. Also, use light-colored underwear such as white for the underwear that comes into direct contact with the skin.

CategoriesAll Sex Doll Blogs Note For Beginners Remedy Sex Doll

How should I put makeup on my sex doll?

For many people, sex doll is more than just a doll.
She (or him!) is also a beloved partner, best friend or ideal lover.
Many sex doll owners are challenging makeup and dressing to give them more beauty and personality. This is very common.
And the sex dolls will have their makeup removed after they are used for a long time, because they are not painted with paint trays.
How to fully display the beauty of sex dolls is in your own hands. And after putting on makeup on the sex doll, you will be very proud! Because you created them as lifelike.

First of all, we should understand the basic knowledge of the following makeup.
There are many types of cosmetics on the market, which are dazzling. And for people who don’t wear makeup regularly or even before. It is simply a big problem.

There are many makeup videos on YouTube, so you can easily learn simple and practical methods. With a little practice, you can maximize her potential and create a fantastic and charming look for almost all situations.

In addition, when sex dolls wear lipstick and eye shadow, their temperament will change greatly. You don’t need to buy every type of cosmetics, and you can pay attention to some mini-packed things.

Sex doll remove makeup and cleansing method
Before you start again, you must first remove the messy makeup. If you want to set the makeup as it is, it will be even more dirty.

Plant-based cleansing oil is a good choice for Aiwa makeup remover. Because it does not contain silicon and alcohol, it will not adversely affect the material of sex doll. Natural oil ingredients also oil the skin of sex doll. You also do skin care when you are crazy. In addition, prepare good quality silk towels (cotton cotton) and non-fluffy non-alcoholic wipes. Now you have all the tools to remove the makeup of Aiwa! Let us learn how to do this now.
Squeeze a sufficient amount of cleansing oil into a piece of gauze, and gently wipe the face of love doll with the gauze. Leave it in the eyes for a few seconds to allow the cleansing oil to dissolve the makeup properly, and then wipe it off to make it easier to remove. The effect of oil on eyelashes makes it easier to remove. Repeat the above steps over and over again. If you feel that the makeup remover is already very clean, use a non-alcoholic wet tissue to wipe off the remaining oil on your face.
Now you are ready to make a love doll!

Introduce the basic makeup steps
Below, we will explain in detail the general process of making love dolls. If you want to put on makeup but don’t know how to do it, please follow the steps below.

・First of all, from the basics

Use powder foundation. Take the foundation with a soft brush and gently brush it on the face of the doll. If you don’t need foundation, you can skip this step.

・Next is eye makeup

When applying makeup, it is best to start with the eyes. Draw an eyeliner to accentuate your eyes. Basically, the upper part should be light brown and the lower part should be light pink. Use a darker eye shadow such as black to draw an eyeliner on the edge of the eye. By doing this, you can improve your vision. If you want your eyes to look mottled, it is also recommended to wear eyelashes. If used repeatedly, the adhesive strength will decrease. It will be better if you apply it again with adhesive. How to apply eyelashes is explained in detail in the main body of the general maintenance guide for the cleaning and maintenance of love doll.

・Draw eyebrows

After finishing the eye makeup, it’s time to draw the eyebrows. Everyone has different tastes for eyebrows, and how to make them depends on whether the love doll is neat or girly. But if you want a natural look, use dark brown eyeshadow. The current trend is to draw the eyebrows thicker. If the old gal is good, you can feel it with thin eyebrows. Use a thin eyebrow pencil to add a touch of flu to your eyebrows, it will look very real!

・ Finished with lipstick

Finally, I put on lipstick and started to finish the makeup. When applying lipstick, prepare a large and small makeup brush. First, use a small makeup brush to gently apply red on the lips. Then use a large makeup brush to apply it to your lips. If you want your cheeks to look a little red, try applying your cheeks. If you use blush, the trick is to apply it lightly. If you apply too much, the cheeks will change color and the makeup will be unnatural, so be careful.