Regularly scheduled maintenance of the sex dolls

Regularly scheduled maintenance of the sex dolls

Step 1 – Clean up the excess lube using a towel. The sex dolls do not have the natural lubrication characteristic of the real vagina. This is why you should apply lubrication to your sex doll using an oil-based lubricant that is water-based to aid in the flow in your penis. How do you deal with extra fluid? You can remove it using a soft dry towel to clean any excess lube that has accumulated in the hole as well as onto the skin of the doll. Be careful not to put excessive pressure when you remove the lube. Use a gentle wipe to clean the skin to prevent damage to it.

Step 2 Clean the petite sex doll‘s openings There are three vital openings (mouth the vagina, mouth and anus) in an sex doll that have to be regularly cleaned to prevent infections. Utilize warm water as well as a small sponge, as well as antibacterial soaps to cleanse your “orifices”. Utilize medical tweezers to push this sponge down into “holes”. Two swabs and the holes must be free of dirt.

Step 3 – Cleansing the doll’s face Cleansing your doll’s face is quite simple. Prior to cleaning, take off your doll’s head as well as the wig. Add an antibacterial soap to a moist sponge, and gently rub onto the face of the doll. The face needs to be cleansed with care and thoroughness to prevent any harm that is not preventable.

Step 4 Drying the doll cleaning the entire doll’s body, its skin must be dry. It is best not to use an air dryer that is powered by electricity here. Choose a non-abrasive surface to gently wipe the doll’s body. Get rid of as the liquid as possible, and allow the doll to dry.

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