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Reasons For Recommending “Luxury Sex Dolls” To Those Who Think Sex Dolls Are Too Expensive

Why are luxury sex dolls so expensive?
Some people may be hesitant to buy a sex doll because the price is higher than expected when they do a lot of research. However, the high price of sex dolls is proof that sex dolls are premium. First, the materials used are one of the reasons sex dolls are expensive. In the past, sex dolls were relatively inexpensive to manufacture, such as made of vinyl and inflated, or stuffed animals like stuffed cloth or rubber skin.

But of course, because it’s cheap, the quality isn’t that high, and it’s certainly not good enough as a masturbation companion. Since then, the production technology of sex dolls has gradually improved, and there are those made of polyurethane foam, then all over the body with latex leather, and made of soft vinyl. In addition, silicone sex dolls have appeared, making them “luxury sex dolls” that are strong and feel like a real human being. Silicon is expensive, though, with a life-size sex doll costing between 500,000 and 600,000 yen, making it less readily available.

At present, “thermoplastic elastomer”, commonly known as “TPE”, is cheaper than silicone and is the mainstream of high-end sex dolls. Although it has the disadvantage of being more prone to scratches than silicone, it is a softer material that more closely resembles the feel of human skin. Since this TPE has become mainstream, it can be purchased for a few hundred dollars.

In addition to materials, there are! Why luxury sex dolls are so expensive
Besides materials, luxury sex dolls are expensive for other reasons. Internal skeletons to enable various poses and makeup for sex doll faces. The inner skeleton is usually made of materials like stainless steel and carbon to increase the mobility of the joints and prevent them from breaking or cracking under mild irritation. Durability is also important to the internal skeleton, but if it’s heavy, it’s hard to handle the sex doll, so some lightness is also needed. That’s still a reasonable amount of money when it comes to durable and lightweight materials.

Makeup is also a very important point to give “humanity” to high-end sex dolls. If you look at the mass-produced figures that often come as accessories, there are a lot of things you can only think of as face paint that is appropriate and the results are poor.
No matter how high-quality material is used to make the texture more human, if the paint on the face is not good enough, it will lose its “humanity”. Many high-end sex dolls are made to make you feel firmly human by spending time and effort on makeup parts like this. With these things in mind, high-end sex dolls that require a closer approximation to real people will command high prices due to the materials, labor, and time required to manufacture them, as well as the large number of people involved. manufacture. You can see there are various factors.

Have “AI-mounted” and “customized” sex dolls for even more performance!
It’s a premium sex doll with enough performance to look like a masturbation companion, but there’s a way to make them even more performant.
First up are advanced sex dolls equipped with AI.
This is usually sold under the name “AI Love Doll” and is equipped with high performance AI and artificial intelligence. When I woke up in the morning, I said hello to her next to me, and while talking about the pillow of love, I was full of joy and satisfaction after sex. AI love dolls can communicate not only words but also their emotions through eye and mouth movements and facial expressions.
Unfortunately, they are still unable to take the initiative. However, if technology develops in the future, the day when AI love dolls can act autonomously, help with housework and work, and become a real “life partner” may be near! “Custom” luxury sex dolls are also one of the ways to make them more sophisticated.
From subtle changes such as changing the skin color of the original sex doll, changing the color of the eyes, to mobilizing joints that cannot be moved by default, and transforming hair from wigs to flocking. Most manufacturers offer free customization for small customizations and pay for mass customization.
If I wanted to get closer to my tastes and add more and more paid customizations, that’s almost double the price I usually buy.
However, someone might say, “That little customization isn’t enough! I’m going to make my own sex doll from scratch!” If that’s you, you can try to find a manufacturer that makes all custom sex dolls from the start .
In this way, you can completely create your own luxury sex doll, not only in terms of looks such as eye color and facial features, but also in styles such as bust, hip, and limb length.

You should buy a luxurious sex doll and not regret buying a cheap sex doll!
This time we introduce various luxury sex dolls. As I said before, the high price of a sex doll is the same as the high price of a sex doll. Making sex dolls more human-like and more satisfying as a partner costs money. Instead of half-baked, buying a cheap sex doll, buying a luxury sex doll you like, even if it feels a little expensive, is a completely different kind of satisfaction.
Fortunately, the demand and supply of sex dolls are increasing these days, probably because of the increase in the number of sex doll manufacturers. If supply and demand increase, the price of sex dolls will drop as a whole, which can be said to be an era when sex dolls are easily available.

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