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Realistic Sex Doll In Shop Window

We don’t hide it, our beautiful silicone or TPE life size petite sex dolls are mainly for the love doll real market. But over the past few months, we’ve discovered that our beauty can not only satisfy someone’s sexual or emotional desires, but also serve as a realistic fashion support.

In fact, these are often used in fashion photography. For example, let photographers practice without time constraints. Or show your clothes to a designer/fashion designer.

The new trend of our silicone luxury affordable sex doll is gradually replacing the classic plastic mannequins that adorn the windows of fashion boutiques. For customers, it may be more disturbing than seeing a woman who is naturally lively in such a dress. The cost of these sex dolls has dropped dramatically and you can now decorate your windows with real silicone or TPE love dolls!

Did you buy a sex doll to display in the window? Send us your photo and we’ll post it on your blog or forum.

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