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Realistic doll sex is delicately colored.

They can be carried in a suitcase just like a piece of clothing, unlike love dolls that measure between 140 cm and 170 cm. It is easier to keep your suitcase with you when you travel, and it can be moved around more discreetly and used in other places. You can purchase a sex body without a head if you need to move frequently for work.

A study from the United Kingdom found that women who have a greater distance between their hips and their pelvis is more active and varied than those with smaller pelvis. This is because they are less likely to have complications or genetic fears about possible births. They also seem to have a greater understanding of their bodies and wants.

You can let bacteria grow if you don’t deal with it. If you don’t pay attention to the care and health of your big boobs sex doll, it is sure to affect its appearance and make it less interesting. No matter what your sexual desires, there are simple techniques and skills that can be used to help them reach their highest condition.

They are some of the most sought-after buyers in the world. The dolls are realistically colored and have realistic skin tones.

The curvy sex dolls interior isn’t filled with gas. It is made of solid silicone that is mostly nontoxic and tasteless. If you do find one, don’t fill it with gas. However, you should be proud that you and your baby have not damaged the doll’s hands. Keep going until the end and she will be happy to spend the rest her life with your family!

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