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Put Lipstick On Your Beloved Sex Doll

Remember, TPE skin is already a perfect complexion with no red spots or blemishes, which is why you don’t need powder foundation. Next, apply lipstick on your beloved love doll. The lipstick color you want to see on her lovely lips when you kiss her and have sex with her.

Now your beautiful World Cup doll is ready. She is ready to be pampered and pampered by you. Storage: You can hang it in the closet with hooks or put it in the box on the bed. Whatever you store, store it in a cool and dust-proof place.

Always cover the aldoll to make it easier for your doll to clean and listen to boys, especially nerdy boys. If you know how to make us (women) happy in bed, you still have a long way to go. Not that you don’t have it, but many improvements can be made if you know where to bite, gnaw, spear, buck and stab. That’s why we want you to pick a love doll for sport and sex reasons.

Sex dolls may show signs of stress if their surfaces are pressed against heavy objects or misplaced. In this case, you will be happy to find a solution to improve or fix it completely. For a high-quality sex doll, if the depth of the imprint is only 1-3mm, it will generally recover from pressure relief after a period of time.

Add VR to your sex life: You can try connecting male realist sex doll and VR setups together and watch VR sex while performing with silicone dolls. Having sex and taking pictures with dolls and women in virtual reality will give you more excitement than ever. It can definitely help you get rid of boring sex habits and can definitely add more meaning to your love life. All your fantasies will come true because the doll will come true for you.

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