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Provides comfort and fulfills their sexual needs.

Valverde’s research, based mostly on anecdotal evidence, suggests that sex dolls can provide comfort and fulfillment for men who are unable or unwilling to have a real relationship. However, both gay and straight men have felt loneliness and exclusion throughout history. This is something that straight men can feel.

Valverde has his opinion about why men choose transexual sex doll under the pretext that they are cruel and inhumane to women. According to Margaret Atwood, men fear that women will laugh at them. But I’m afraid they will kill them. This statement rings true to me.

It is not wrong to have sex toys. These sex toys are not perverse, but they look more like real people. The silicone body is a sign of the imbalance in modern gender relations. The existence of a TPE sex doll, which is essentially male power, will only increase as women gain more power. Another possibility is controlled return. Inflatable dolls are a great way to soothe, excite, or even eliminate loneliness. These sex doll flat won’t try to change men.

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