5ft4″ Curvy Love Real Sex Doll Stock in USA | Violeta | 27 years


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    Skin Color: Same As Picture

    Glasses Color: Same As Images

    Hairstyle Wig: Same As Picture

    Vagina: Built-In Vagina

    Standing: Standing

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  • Statistics
  • Height:
  • Bust:
  • Bra Size:
  • Waist:
  • Hips:
  • Oral Depth:
  • Vagina Depth:
  • Anus Depth:
  • Net Weight:
  • Inch / CM
  • 163cm / 5.35ft
  • 86cm / 33.86in
  • C-Cup
  • 62cm / 24.41in
  • 94cm / 37in
  • 12cm / 4.72in
  • 16cm / 6.30in
  • 18cm / 7.08in
  • 49kg /106.03lbs

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Introduction To Doll

  Hi, baby. I like you. What? Don’t you believe it? I will try to convince you. I think my body is hot enough. As a USA in stock, I know how to let you reach a happy climax with me. Do you want to experience it?

  I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Violeta and I have been in the dance industry for many years. Rhythm and sexy movements are simply my blood. Would you like to dance with me? I like to teach others to dance, because it’s not just physical contact, sometimes I eat my sex doll friends. When I teach them, I will make an appointment with them to stay for additional training after class. Of course, I believe that they can also make great progress, not only in dancing. After all, I am more willing to become an American sex doll than a dancer. I have always been proud of helping people solve their physical needs.

  If you don’t dislike my older age, please come here to find me. There is one thing I must say, age is linked to technology.


Love doll height


163cm / 5.35ft

Love doll bust


86cm / 33.86in

Love doll bra size

Bra Size:


Love doll waist


62cm / 24.41in

Love doll hips


94cm / 37in

real doll mouth

Oral Depth:

12cm / 4.72in

Vagina Depth

Vagina Depth:

16cm / 6.30in

Anus Depth

Anus Depth:

18cm / 7.08in

Love doll weight

Net Weight:

49kg /106.03lbs


1. We recommend that you use ""aqueous lubricant"" when entering the vagina, anus and oral cavity to prevent skin tearing. Of course, it is best to use condoms.

2. There is a metal frame inside the sex doll, there are multiple movable joints, and it can assume various poses. However, we recommend that you do not place them randomly. Avoid using sharp objects, lighters and hair dryers, they may harm your baby's skin.

3. If you like dog style, please don't put weight on your doll's hand or wrist. Protect her palms and use pillows or quilts or other soft objects to support the torso of the sex doll under her.

4. All sex dolls need to be cleaned after sex. You can put her in the water or take a bath with her, but be careful not to immerse her head or neck in the water. If you want to clean your baby's face, wipe it gently with a damp cloth. A mild antibacterial soap will do.

5. After natural drying, please use baby powder with a brush to keep the skin soft and velvety.

6. Please take care to ensure that any clothes worn with the realistic doll will not change color. Although stain removers can remove most stains on clothes well, some things may be difficult or even impossible to remove.

7. In order to prevent the material from aging, please do not expose the real doll to direct sunlight for a long time."

The package includes the following accessories

  • Wig
  • Underwear
  • Blanket
  • Irrigator
  • Heater
  • Comb
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