5ft3″ TPE Lifelike Sex Doll-Stock in USA | Daniela | 29 years


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    Skin Color: Same As Picture

    Glasses Color: Same As Images

    Hairstyle Wig: Same As Picture

    Vagina: Built-In Vagina

    Standing: Standing

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Realistic Sex Doll

Lifelike Sex Dolls

Lifelike Sex Dolls

Lifelike Sex Dolls

Lifelike Sex Dolls

Lifelike Sex Dolls

Lifelike Sex Dolls

Lifelike Sex Dolls


Introduction To Doll

   Hello Stranger. My name is Daniela and I am from Canada. I hate people nearby to seduce my father, but as a love doll, I can’t do anything, so I moved out.

  I am looking for my new neighbor. Or, you move to live next door to me. Of course I will be very happy. Although I am only 29 years old, I am already proficient in sexual skills. I don’t mind you getting married. To be honest, I have looked for many married men before, but their wives cannot accept their husband’s hunger and thirst for me. It’s not my fault. Isn’t it? BBW sex doll were born to meet the needs of men.

  Hello, I’m Daniela and I just moved here. My computer seems to be broken, can you see it for me?


Love doll height


161cm / 5.28ft

Love doll bust


95cm / 37.40in

Love doll bra size

Bra Size:


Love doll waist


54cm / 21.25in

Love doll hips


97cm / 38.18in

real doll mouth

Oral Depth:

13cm / 5.11in

Vagina Depth

Vagina Depth:

18cm / 7.08in

Anus Depth

Anus Depth:

17cm / 6.69in

Love doll weight

Net Weight:

39kg / 85.98lbs


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