5ft2” I-Cup Best TPE Real Doll | Catalina | 23 years


  • *Choose the skin tone you like.

    *Choose the wig you like.

    Choose an eye color you like.

    *Gel breasts (jelly breasts) are more popular than standard solid breasts. Gel breasts are softer, more elastic and more realistic. (Only C-F cups can add latex)

    • + $
    • + 50 $

    *The pubic hair is pierced into the body of the doll with a needle, and the hair may fall off during use.

    • + $
    • + 50 $

    *The fixed vagina is permanently embedded in the body of the doll, which is more in line with the characteristics of the human body and has a sense of reality. The detachable vagina includes a detachable sleeve that can be placed in the vagina for easy cleaning.

    • + $
    • + 30 $

    *Dolls with non-standing options are more realistic, but they cannot stand. If you have a foot fetish, you can choose this one! The standing foot option enables the doll to stand independently. Three small bolt heads protrude from the bottom of the foot to help stabilize.

    • + $
    • + 50 $

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Introduction To Doll

   Hi baby, do I look good in a maid outfit? This is my work clothes. I currently work for a rich man.I am a love doll.

  The reason why I am satisfied with that job, besides the high salary, my favorite is their clothes. Sometimes I pretend to clean the room and then go to the study or room to look for the owner of this building to play. I always think he looks very handsome in office. Sometimes I keep touching his body with my big breasts. When he had a reaction, he would sit me on his lap and insert his penis into my hole. This is my favorite posture. Of course, we have also tried many other poses. It can be said that there are traces of our sex in every corner of this building. This is really exciting.

  I like older men because they all have a lot of experience. Do you want to get the body of my mini sex doll? bring it on. I am ready.


Love doll height


158cm / 5.18ft

Love doll bust


88cm / 34.64in

Love doll bra size

Bra Size:


Love doll waist


52cm / 20.47in

Love doll hips


86cm / 33.85in

Love doll weight

Net Weight:

30kg / 66.14lbs


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