4ft1” D-Cup Real Love Doll | Scarlett | 22 years


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Lifelike Sex Dolls

Realistic Sex Doll

Realistic Sex Doll

Realistic Sex Doll

Realistic Sex Doll

Realistic Sex Doll

Realistic Sex Doll

Realistic Sex Doll


Introduction To Doll

   Hello, my name is Scarlett, and I am a 22 year old petite sex doll. will you like me? I hope you don’t mind that I am still an inexperienced sex doll, and I hope you can teach me in this regard. To be honest, this makes me a bit embarrassed as a love doll, because many people around me have had sex. I very much hope that there is a man who can teach me everything about sex and make me happy. Don’t you want me to be a real sex doll?

   I know that many men think I am too cute and too small. People often ask me if I am an adult. I have emphasized it many times, but some people still don’t believe it. But when you see my breasts, you will find that I am not small at all.

   I have never had sex, but I once showed my breasts to a boy because he said I was small! I do not believe. At first, he was small there, then suddenly he became bigger and bigger, until the liquid came out and he got smaller again. Seeing him like this, I knew I was still very attractive, but my petite body blocked my beauty.

  By the way, I’m still in school and I just finished my senior year. Next, I want to be admitted to graduate school, but before that, I was also a teen sex doll. I want to find a man who can finally make me a true love doll. I have been waiting for this day.


Love doll height


125cm / 4.10ft

Love doll bust


50cm / 19.68in

Love doll bra size

Bra Size:


Love doll waist


40cm / 15.74in

Love doll hips


61cm / 24.01in

Love doll weight

Net Weight:

17.23kg / 37.99lbs


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