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Pro Tips for Easier Cleaning of Sex Doll


Cleaning and maintenance practices are crucial for your pet to have a long and healthy life. As of now, we’ve explained what you need to do follow, here is some of the best tips to make cleaning easier.

1.) Utilize condoms for males and females during sexual sex to hold in the fluid.

2.) Buy a cheap sex doll that has a an insert vagina that is removable to allow for easy cleaning.

3.) For a vagina that is fixed you can use a blower or insert tampons in drying.

To dry the hole that is fixed We suggest using Tampons. One for the mouth and two to cover vagina (behind each other) and two for the opening to the anus (behind each the other).

Tampons are a lot easier to put in, and they soak up the moisture. They don’t make a mess and can be easily removed using the strip. Tampons soak up the majority of the sperm-lube mix. It lets you move the teen sex doll with no anxiety that something could fall out. It is possible to remove the tampons after a short time.

For cleaning on the spot A small spray bottle can be used. Mix 1:5 of soap and water.

5.) We recommend water-based lubrication to have sexual relations in your partner.

However, there are some who would rather not have it. Just decide for yourself. It’s safe to utilize Vaseline as well as baby oils as a an alternative to lubricant. If you are planning to make use of regular lubricant, be sure that it’s water-based and not silicone-based since it may cause damage to the TPE material.

6.) There are specific cleaning products that produce a negative reaction TPE. Antibacterial soap is suggested. If you’re not sure regarding a cleaner you are considering, contact us prior to applying it.

7.) TPE can easily tare in drying. Since the TPE is warmer than normal, you should be extra cautious since TPE is more prone to tare to tare at this temperature. Use only a clean cloth to dry, and remember not to use excessive pressure.

It is crucial that your mini sex doll dry naturally. It is not recommended that an electric air dryers be used since it could cause harm to the doll.

In all ways of cleaning the legs of your big booty sex doll, keep them slightly open so that the anus and vagina are air-tight and are able to dry naturally. Do not leave the legs of your doll too far apart , as it can cause harm in the future.

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