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Pro-Tip Tips For Your Sex doll


Don’t ever have sex with your sex doll without ample oily substances (if your mini sex doll‘s body is composed from silicone, be sure to use only silicone-safe synthetic-safe fluid).

It’s not comfortable to engage in sexual contact in the girl “dry,” without lubricant which is why you shouldn’t be enjoying the sensation. But, perhaps more importantly having your sex model without lubricant can damage her artificial flesh. In time, this could result in a decrease in time of use for your sexually active doll.

To ensure that your sex doll is in top condition and to ensure the most enjoyable and most realistic sexual experience her, make sure you are generous with the oil.

Many people decide to apply lubricants so that their sexual experience is pleasant and effortless. If you decide to do this, make sure you choose the lubricant with a water base. Silicone-based or oil-based lubricants could harm your cheap sex doll, and can cause staining.

Apply the lubricant to any area you’re planning to get it into. Be careful not to go overboard. If you are trying to do too much with your items, they can become sticky and dirty quickly.

Here’s a teen sex doll Life Pro suggestion. If you feel you require an extra coating of lubrication add a small portion of hot water. This could bring back the lubricant’s action and is usually the only way to proceed in your quest.

There are a few people who prefer an approach that is dryer. To achieve this they typically employ powder. This helps reduce friction, but also results in a totally distinct sexual.

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