Pro suggestions for sexual dolls

Pro suggestions for sexual dolls

As opposed to your girlfriend and sex dolls, sex dolls don’t possess a self-lubricating mechanism. Therefore, you’ll have to apply water-based lubricants on the orifice as well as your penis when you use a sex doll. Water-based lubricants are ideal because it isn’t likely to harm the silicone sex dolls as much as oils or silicone-based lubricants. It’s also easier to scrub of the cardboard.

Sex in the bathtub or shower. If your mini sex doll composed of silicone, you could attempt water play. However, if it’s the sex doll is made from TPE or other porous materials like TPE, sex in the tub or shower is not advised. The pores of these materials are tiny which hold water and provide an ideal breeding ground for bacteria that can lead to long-term illnesses. Also, water play can damage your porous doll and reduce its lifespan.

Utilize a variety of positions. Sex dolls that are realistic, particularly ones with fully articulated skeletons, let you to experience sexual intimacy in various positions. You can experiment with your preferred positions to make it more thrilling.

Watch porn during sex. Sex while watching porn with your doll enhances the thrill of sexual sex. You should save a few clips of silicone sex dolls , and have fun with simulated sex or playing role-playing with your new friend.

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