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Popular science knowledge Cleaning & Maintenance Articles for Adult Sex Dolls

You don’t need to rub the wig in circular motions. Instead, rub it gently. Conditioner can be used to give your wig better results. Add conditioner to the water after washing. Let it sit for approximately 30 minutes, then take it out and dry it naturally.

You can actually use the anus and your mouth. It is possible to prepare more inexpensive items, but it is extremely convenient. You can see anything and use it just as a water-absorbent pen. You will find some residues. Simply let the doll rest and the water will naturally drain. Or you can blow the doll down with a hair dryer.

Fu Yanjie, or another product, can be used to disinfect the anime girl sex doll after a while. But remember to use herbal neutral, Fuyanjie. You can use the mouth as the vagina but you will need to twist it off before washing it. You can also wash it in a bathtub.

If you discover that your doll is dirty, don’t be afraid to clean it. You should have some common sense to understand that the doll will corrode if you don’t use it. For normal cleaning, use clean water and add shower gel. If the dirt is too stubborn to get rid of, you can use olive oil or another oil on a cotton pad and then wash it with a cleaner, healthier detergent. You can use a decolorizing paste if you have very severe staining.

Olive oil is a great make-up remover. It can be used to clean your skin, and it’s easy to prepare if you have children. You can remove them, but they can’t be washed easily by the untrained otaku. There are very few people who can draw their eyebrows and it can be a hassle to get them back. It is recommended that you use lip gloss at the beginning. It can be used on the eyes, eyelashes and other areas during the middle of the process.

The activity-sex doll cheap skull is not omnipotent. If it is damaged, you can send it back to be repaired. TPE is extremely resistant to tearing. It can be pinched or grasped with ease, but remember to leave a mark and cut your nails. A cut is bad. The nail marks that are left will soon rebound. You should not use silicone for your nails. Silicone is known to be irreversible and has little resilience. I am very worried.

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