Points to know before purchasing a sex doll

Points to know before purchasing a sex doll

If you will buy a sex doll, you need to take into consideration the adhering to.

Adult dolls have cold skin

Although these dolls are extremely realistic, there are some remarkable distinctions. As many dolls do not have their very own interior heater, they can be quite chilly to the touch, specifically in winter.

Nonetheless, I locate that this is something I observe less as well as less when I interact with my doll Maybe it’s since I’m so utilized to her, or perhaps it’s because my own temperature ultimately transfers to her.

However dolls do not keep their heat for long and also it’s finest to cover them as high as feasible to keep their warmth.

What you must know prior to purchasing a sex doll.

Just how to solve the body heat trouble?

Solution 01

Try covering your petite sex doll with a blanket or something warmer. This will help her keep her body temperature level up and maintain her heat longer.

Remedy 02

I normally begin with foreplay as well as cuddle my doll for some time before penetrating her. The consistent rubbing as well as snuggling transfers heat from your body and also clothes, heating the surface area of her skin.

Remedy 03

If you do not such as cool skin, choose a shemale sex dolls with a complete body heating function. These dolls are wonderful as a result of their conserved body temperature.

The surface area of sex dolls comes to be much less smooth over time

The product itself comes to be much less smooth over time as well as comes to be a growing number of “sticky” when you massage your fingers on it.

This is due to the fact that there is a particular quantity of oil inside the doll that rises to the surface area (I am talking about TPE dolls, I have no experience with silicone dolls).

First remedy

To treat this problem, massage your doll frequently with baby powder.

2nd solution

If you don’t such as the odor or feel of talc, you can utilize corn flour to accomplish the same outcome.

Treatment 3

Some doll owners additionally make use of body creams and also gels to keep their skin smooth. Nevertheless, applying lotions or gels can be time consuming and pricey. I usually make use of talcum powder with my TPE doll as well as it functions terrific.

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