Points of weight for sex dolls

1.I love to choose. I like to choose. As long as there are regular models, I don’t mind seeing light models on the marketplace. It is a matter of compromise depending on your goals and physical limitations.

2. It’s a great choice. But, yes, they should never lose sight of all options. My dog weighs in at around 20 kg. It’s difficult to move but I love that it’s not heavy and can be used for cuddling, etc.

3. Because I am a pure asian sex doll, the arms and legs may be separated as long as no object is in direct contact with me. Perhaps on the upper arm or the lower quarter of your thigh. This is not a good idea for photographers. You can also add a lifting handle to any area where the items are separated. You can still have a sex doll torso that is more than half its original weight. You can also order custom sex doll.

teen sex doll

4. Although ultra-lightweight TPE is possible, the problem lies in commercial practice. This is a fundamental problem. More main materials mean more storage space, and more research investment.

It is impossible to “lighten” TPE’s weight, but it is possible to find lighter bases. Mixing is key to getting the right feel, same cure quality, right colour, elasticity and heat resistance. You must start from scratch. You must start from scratch. This takes a lot of testing and investment.

Illegal competition includes fraudulent companies trying to milk without offering any concept. There are also the general rules that “if it costs more than normal, there will always be the usual amount fakes”.

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