Play with your sex doll by this way

Play with your sex dolls


The spooning position is a great position to gently penetrate your doll if you are a tender lover. This is the most intimate position for sexual intimacy, and you will feel as if you are falling in love with a real woman when you do it.

Place your teen sex doll face down on her back, with her arms and legs folded in front. You can lift one of her legs and reach behind her. This position is ideal for vaginal and anal sex, especially if you have heavier dolls. For a more intimate experience, you can hold your doll’s neck or kiss her neck.

The best thing about the spooning position for love doll is that their soft silicone or TPE skin heats up when they are close to you. You will feel more real and stimulated by her warmth.

Position for a dog

If you enjoy intense stimulation and rough sex, this is the best position to try with your realistic doll.

Your doll should kneel and then balance her body by pushing her arms forward. Slide your doll from behind by spreading her legs. You can also spank your doll to spice things up, especially if you have a big-ass doll.

The best position for deep penetration is doggy style, for both anal and vaginal sex. You can push your doll to feel the best sensations but be careful to protect it from friction.

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