Perhaps she will one day be a real woman…a sex doll

It is against the law for men to have sex with mini sex doll. Women have fought for centuries to be free from discrimination. It’s a difficult climb that is long and hard. This is made more difficult by all the obstacles we face. Advertisements for nearly every product are made with glamorous women and girls in bras and see through stockings. Advertising that is more sexually-oriented will make more money if it has a female model of sex doll.

Everyone can access the internet, even children, by simply using their phones. It is dehumanizing, violent and part of the torture spectrum. Both girls and women are the victims. The way we see girls and women has been changed by pornographic culture. The word “consent” is no longer meaningful. Porn porn is porn where women cry and say “no” while they are crying. They feel pain and fear. Men get the message: “Do it harder, make it last longer, and make her suffer even more.” Children watch the degrading porn of the only child who is allowed to bring a cell phone to school in small groups.

Children are taught to consent in school, but they also get mixed messages from pornography and are taught that women can be disposable.

Porn culture is a way to teach girls that women and men give them a lot of attention. They must make themselves a pleasure to men in order to get the attention that they are due. Pornography has taught boys that men have the right and ability to manipulate and abuse women and men. Men and women can be so convinced of this belief that they will lash out at any woman who says “no”.

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