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People Own Sex Dolls For Various Reasons

The use of love dolls to recreate human existence was a common theme among the men interviewed. One doll owner named Mandy said he didn’t even see his two daughters as sex dolls, but as a surrogate family for the grown daughters. I want a human partner, he admits, but I find dating too stressful. I’m powerless with prostate problems, and if I get married, I’ll lose my pension – and a real woman won’t be better off.

The Melbourne psychologist told us that despite the unusual nature of these puppet relationships, he wouldn’t dissuade them if they were satisfied. What qualifications can I say to be right? The doctor explained that in my work, I respond to the needs of patients. I agree if they are bothered or bothered by their own habits. Using my personal judgment as a guide is not necessarily appropriate for my work.

In fact, sex dolls have never been considered a fully acceptable form of sexual and emotional expression, and lovers embrace it. When asked about the stereotypes surrounding dolls, the “bad name” given to doll owners is to demean them. People call us perverts, freaks, sex addicts or rapists. But people have dolls for different reasons: just because you don’t understand why doesn’t mean you can judge us.

People today are more open and accepting of realistic sex dolls. Maybe people didn’t accept such items in the past, because the customs and habits of the Chinese people have always been relatively simple, and the Chinese people’s concepts are relatively old. It was difficult for them to accept this missionary project, so this project could not be implemented in China at first, because many people could not accept such a project.

However, with the development of time and the advancement of science, people’s minds have gradually expanded and their personalities have become more open. Therefore, in many cases, real sex dolls are acceptable, because many people are still somewhat resistant to this kind of silicone dolls. Therefore, these products are selling well in China, but there is still a certain volume.