Particular Love Sex Doll Exhibition Under The Lens of the Photographer

American curator of exhibitions Melissa Harris displayed the works of photographers Elena Dorfman and Jamie Diamond at the Prada Foundation in Milan The exhibition created an uproar.

Dolls can be one of the oldest games and have been captivating our imaginations for many thousands of years. In the ancient world of Egypt there are traces of puppets dating back to around the year 2175 BC and in Greece there are mud-based puppets that can be found dating back to around 200 BC. Of of course, dolls aren’t just toys for children they are also objects with religious, familial and spiritual values. It’s a blurred distinction between the past and the present.

These ambiguous distinctions are discussed in an exhibit that has “Alternatives for Love” as one of the main theme. The exhibition was held at the Prada Foundation in Milan the show featured 42 pieces of modern American photographer Jamie Diamond and Elena Dorfman and Elena Dorfman, which documented a variety of personal lives ranging from women who are artists to big booty sex doll Lover, as well as their personal involvement in the sex dolls.

Photographers who use dolls as subjects or props are not new. The mid-20th century saw Boston photographer Morton Bartlett took pictures of dolls made of plaster, and, more recently, Laurie Simmons, Elizabeth Jaeger-LeCoultre and Ovid Bistowin have added that it is well-known for its portraits of human figures.

The curator of the exhibition Melissa Harris told Vogue: “I like the works of Jamie and Elena because their respective visions and works are full of humanity.” As a contributing editor for Foundation, Harris stated that the work done by these two photographers created interest and provided an opportunity to exchange ideas “Look at how they contacted each other, what they have in common, and what they have in common in other directions.”

The exhibit features Diamond’s “Forever Mother” series (2012-2018) that is a self-taught group of female artist’s intimate representations of “rebirths” who handcraft, gather and play with sex dolls that are ultra-realistic. The reasons for why they are so enthralled are diverse but they are primarily centered around the concept or “empty nest syndrome.” These photographs capture the tender moments of the protagonist as well as their sex doll. The dolls appear to be a sensitive and secret representation of. “Working with the team allows me to explore the gray area between reality and technique, where relationships are constructed from inanimate objects,” Diamond explained.

“Nine Months of Rebirth” (2014) “Nine Months of Rebirth” (2014) the 35-year-old Brooklyn artist makes use of Cindy Sherman’s unique techniques to portray himself as the main character. This intriguing series features Diamond wearing hair in a bob, moving through different social settings with a sex doll called Annabel from the balcony of the restaurant, to the swimming pool and train. The work is influenced by the artist’s personal experiences and are named for her diary. They investigate the ways that girls are educated to form the perception of motherhood as well as at the same they reflect the artist’s studies on groups of women.

The same time, Los Angeles artist Elena Dorfman began to explore playing with dolls to be a replacement for sexual relationships and romance. In her collection “Still Lovers” (2001-2004) the artist of 54 years chronicles the lives of families of both genders who have a passion for creating milf and life-size sexual dolls. “It is fascinating to create it because I have never seen anything like this before,” Dorfman explained. “Those who like to use dolls instead of humans are very attractive to me, both then and now.”

The photographs featured that are displayed in the exhibit do display the human spirit, there is an argument that they portray those who live at the fringes of society. Harris stated: “I am not interested in hyping a topic, exploiting anyone, or further marginalizing groups that are already isolated and judged.” Both artists were deeply involved in their respective groups, earned the trust of their group and also spent a significant amount of money. The clock is on the person. “

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