Paedophiles are arrested for importing realistic dolls of sex for children

In less than one year, border guards have confiscated 123 sex dolls

Investigators have been able to identify dozens of paedophiles after a surge in child sex dolls being seized by border officials.

According to the National Crime Agency (NCA), these natural silicone sex objects weigh in at 55 pounds (25 kgs) and are available for purchase on sites such as or

Hazel Stewart is the procedures manager at the NCA’s Child Exploitation and Online Protection Command (CEOP). She said that mini sex doll made in China and Hong Kong are a “fairly recent phenomenon” in the UK, and should be criminalised.

Since March 2016, Border Force officers have seize 123 dolls in a little over a year. Seven people have been charged so far with import of these love doll. One man was even jailed last month.

After a Canterbury Crown Court rejected David Turner’s attempt to claim that the dolls he had imported were not obscene, the figures were discovered.

After a motion to dismiss was denied, Turner, 72, pleaded guilty to Importing sex dolls for teenage girls.

Sixteen of the seven men accused of importing the dolls were also charged with child pornography.

Dan Scully claimed that it proved that models are often bought by people who commit sex crimes.

Border Patrol agents and investigators have noticed an increase in the seizures of these tpe sex dolls.

He explained that it was crucial to the investigation that these items be traced back to people who have been convicted of other crimes related to child harm.”

“It is important that you note that these are additional individuals who aren’t known by the UK police but who want to engage in sexual activity alongside children.

“We have identified quite a few people who are interested to engage in sexual acts with children by investigating these submissions and working together with our partners.”

Last March, the Border Force, CEOP, and the NCA launched a joint investigation. They asked a paediatrician for a look at the seized dolls to determine if they looked like children in appearance, as well as make-up.

The personalized rules encourage border officers to confiscate items they consider indecent, lewd, or illegal. Those who do so are charged with importing indecent, or profane, items.

While NCA representatives don’t believe that similar items are being made in the UK, Ms Stewart stated there is concern about loopholes in UK legislation since it isn’t illegal to possess child-sex dolls.

Ms Stewart said that it was a “migraine”, to find regulations to prosecute lawbreakers.

She explained that “In any case, it is the new work that our Boundary Force coworkers are bringing to this table is innovative.”

“They don’t usually seize this kind of stuff, but they do include more common offenses like weapons and drugs.”

Although Mr Scully admitted that it wasn’t always possible to inspect every box that passed customs, officers were able to locate evidence of child sex doll shipments. These items were often identified.

Ms Stewart admitted that investigators were playing catch-up and that many investigations into seizures, primarily those involving dolls purchased by bachelors, were still in their infancy.

Some cases that were “no longer active at the beginning of the investigation are being investigated, and there are more prosecutions.

Ms. Stewart was asked if new laws are needed to stop the flood of child-sex dolls. She said that she believes there is a need for all criminal activity to be investigated, including the supply, sale, and importation.

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