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Overtime Can Gradually Darken The Skin Of Sex Dolls

How do you take care of your TPE love doll? The following instructions are only for dolls made of TPE material (not silicone). If you have a TPE doll with a silicone head, the following tips only apply to taking care of her TPE body. The first day is very important. Wash with a soap and water mixture to completely remove manufacturing residue. If the production residue is not washed off, the doll’s skin will gradually darken over time.

What to do with your synthetic girl when you’re not having sex Thinking of sex dolls as a hobby, not just a sexual aid, opens up a lot of possibilities. I am the owner of two dolls and I love giving them personality. Take some time to dream about yourself. Who does she remind you of? I see that I follow my grown daughter as an example.

Why do men like sex dolls with big breasts? A woman’s chest is like the jewel in the crown. They are an important sign of femininity. For many people, big breasts also mean sexy. You can touch the curves of your breasts, grab, stroke, suck, bite, and even do subtle things like kiss the curves of your breasts and more. You’ll feel more excited than ever, adding great joy to your sexual experience.

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