Outdoor shoots are incomplete without love dolls

Along with stunning views and attractions in the Bay Area and a cloakroom to rival any department store clothing store, Thank you Carrie! Anastasia is actually the best dressed and took photos of small sex doll than any other person. According to my knowledge, Anastasia is the only doll with a lover who will be photographed often in public places.

In the November issue, Male Sex Plaything, I created an Instagram account. This savage woman has 600 supporters at the time of writing. This is a good result for a soft plastic item that looks like a woman. Anastasia loves the clean air from our beaches. We have certainly driven the Pacific Coast Road many times, stopping often to take pictures.

Beautiful life is nothing like sex playthings, convertibles and the open roads. The 1992 Miata was a big part of our outdoor sets. It attracted many Miata fans via their Instagram accounts. It’s great to meet other road users. It is a gamble that you don’t visit an aldolls mini sex doll in an automobile on the road every single day. Truckers love it because they can see Anastasia’s tits when they visit my car.

Turd Flinging Monkey is our name, or “TFM” as it’s more commonly known. Since several years, I’ve been a Twitch streamer and YouTuber. I speak mostly about the MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) beliefs. I host two weekly podcasts, the Turd Flinging Goof, a weekend talk show style show, as well as TFM 420, a Wednesday morning newscast in which we post various article reviews each week.

YouTube/Twitch has been a source of controversial content for years. I’ve been anticipating the demonetization and censorship of sex dolls for many years. Sponsoring product reviews has allowed me to increase my income. A station as controversial and unorthodox as mine wouldn’t attract mainstream benefactors. The only companies that would cooperate with me were those who make clitoral stimulators.

Men are often stigmatized when it comes to having sex. While females might have lots of vibes in their drawers, a man can be a “crawler”, if he keeps a pet cat or other small animal with him. I’m excited to help de-advertise male sexuality in my own way while also protecting my ability generate content if censorship or demonetization eventually catch me.

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