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Our Most Expensive True Love Doll

I know it’s common for many potential RealDoll lovers to buy realistic life-size love dolls because it’s as cheap as possible to get love dolls. But lifelike sex dolls aren’t just good “middlemen,” they’ll always be the faithful companion and companion you want.

Don’t underestimate the quality of a perfect sex doll. You often treat her like a sex doll, do things with her in bed, dress her, undress, walk around the apartment and bathe her. All of these include life-size love dolls, their materials and skeletons, so it doesn’t always make sense to focus on price.

Realistic sex dolls are not consumables available from a nearby hardware store or dealer. Also, the repair requires some manual work, and if the problem is too large, it should be repaired with Kitidol or discarded entirely. There’s a lot of pain, sadness and anxiety, anger and frustration involved in all of this, not just for the money, but for loving the Affection RealDoll more than you usually admit.

With that in mind, I wanted to do a slightly different column today. Today I will introduce you to Kitidor’s most expensive life-size love doll.

There are many reasons why some sex dolls are more expensive. Ask Kitidol specifically why both models are more expensive.

By far the most expensive RealDoll is the Silicone Doll Leeloo, which is arguably the highest quality sex doll you can buy at Kichi Doll. Akira is made of silicone and has a very stable skeleton. It’s made from the sex doll itself and has everything you’d expect from a life-size so-called “high-end” sex doll. Akira offers them at great prices, if you need a full line of permanent life-size love dolls, you’ve come to the right place.

Our beautiful silicone sex dolls are just around the corner. Models like RealDoll Yuina are also very high quality and beautiful. Silicone is a very easy-to-repair material that goes well with many things in everyday life, and this type of sex doll is generally well-received.

Don’t just look at the price of true love dolls!
When it comes to TPE sex dolls, the most expensive variants are TPE’s life-size love doll ema-chan, a sex doll, and there are cheaper versions. Emilia amazes me that she has so many options. Otherwise, find out why Emilia is special at Kitidol.

These examples should show that you don’t always have to look for the lowest price on RealDoll. It’s also a question of how long you want to be with your sex doll, what you want to experience with her and of course what you look like. Keep the price in mind, but also look at what you’re really happy with and satisfied with in the long run. kichi-doll and the forum will be happy to help you. True love doll lovers can show sex dolls after two years, three years or more. Now we have enough suggestions, use them!

I thought I could get you closer to these models and try life size love dolls, they might not only be cheap. Remember, a Dutch wife can change your life forever and you can feel its love, investment and love. Just looking at the price, isn’t it a pity that this love ended suddenly?

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