One man’s tale of the doll of sex

This is Tom’s tale of the doll of sex

“Where did you purchase sex doll?” I asked him

I was able to do some research prior to purchasing an sexually explicit mini sex dolls. I also had a variety of products for masturbation (including the three Fleshlight model) and TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) buttock that has a pussy and ass holes that I purchased on Amazon. I purchased the sex-doll model I designed because I’m obsessed with the body shape, but there aren’t many women who are able to wear the sex dolls for men body. The waist and stomach of her are incredibly small in comparison to her hips, and her ass. There are women like her however they are rare and far from the norm.

I was amazed at how much RealDolls were priced and was wondering whether there were alternatives that were more affordable , without purchasing them secondhand. I know, it’s common but isn’t it? In essence, I searched until I found a website that did not appear to be fraud and whose options and choices I was able to appreciate. I was able to see that prices rise based on the choices that are available, and the components you’d like. They also sell torsion torsos. They’re like disembodied torsos. It’s a bit creepy just watching them.

Another terrifying thing I saw were the feet of the foot fetishists. I’m not sure if it is an add-on or was a stand-alone thing It was the exterior of an Fleshlight made into a foot, and the image of a female pussy on one of the feet. If I had not known about this sort of oddity prior to the incident, it could have frightened me and confused me even more.

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