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No-go’s for Choosing Real Doll Clothes

Naturally, your precious doll appears and is extremely comfortable thanks to her silicone skin and TPE. Don’t overlook the fact that your precious real doll is covered in plastic, which can look less appealing in the event that it is not taken care of properly. It can happen not only due to the insufficient care of the doll but also because you’ve picked the wrong clothes.

So, try your best to stay clear of the following:

No Colorfast Material

You should ensure that you buy top-quality clothes for your cheap sex doll. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to dress your doll in the finest silk but the colorfastness of the fabric must be assured.

You may have had this experience. Are your brand-new pair of jeans or your new red shirt ever ruined other items of clothes? This is more frequent when you use certain fabrics or hues, like dark blue or red.

If the clothes are not colorfast, it could be a source of irritation for the teen sex doll‘s skin. So, make sure to wash your new clothes well prior to use to safeguard the beautiful skin of your brand new doll. Particularly if you’ve bought TPE dolls, but there’s more to come on this in the coming days.

To make sure that the garment does not get smudges off, try rub it against the foot of your doll’s feet to determine if any trace of color remain.

Tips: Should some clothing item discolor the flat chest sex doll‘s appearance, you can use discoloring products that can wash your doll. But, as this may sometimes not happen, just avoid discoloration as much as you can.

Permanent Tight Clothing

Your beloved doll shouldn’t wear tight clothes for too long, since it can cause permanent disfigurement. In a short period of period, tight clothing and sexy corsets won’t be a issue. If you’ve purchased an amazing outfit for your sexy doll, don’t hesitate to wear it during the moment of love. However, make sure that the corset is not tightly laced.

To store your sex doll must wear loose clothing , or better lay naked on white sheets. If you’d like to keep your sex doll in a more private manner then you may also consider buying an exclusive storage box.

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