#5. Dummy

Our tenth-place entry is “Dummy”, which is our entry for sex movie and series titles. This series is unique with an ideal mix of absurdity and mediocrity. While sex dolls are often made fun of in movies, this series offers a glimpse into the future and how sex doll can change the game.

The story centers on a rebellious teenager, who struggles to cope with her emotions as she grows up. She abandons her family’s traditional values and begins to seek out sex with her friend’s doll. The teen sex doll is a robot in the film. This gives us a glimpse at an intelligent sex doll working.

The robot helps the girl to get rid of her worries and get advice. This series is funny and has some disturbing moments about human relationships with sex robots.

#4 Electric Dream

This 1984 film, about the future bbw sex doll, was released. It was a groundbreaking film that lost many viewers. It is surprising to discover that sex toys were a popular topic of conversation almost 30 years ago. Electric Dream is a film about sex dolls that anticipates the natural competitive nature of men, women, and sex robots.

This movie about a sexbot was the first to depict a love triangle between two people and a robot. It also reflects the modern digital age. It is filled with intrigue and exciting moments between the three of them; it still excites even after all these decades.

#3 A.I. Artificial Intelligence

A.I. was released in 2001. Artificial Intelligence, a 2001 film about sex robots, was the first to discuss the integration of artificial intelligence technology into society and their role in our relationships. The film does not focus on sex robots but artificial intelligence technologies. However, it gives a frightening glimpse at what might happen if artificial Intelligence gets out of control.

Although Elon Musk announced the creation of robots that are able to perform “boring jobs”, this movie was nearly two decades ahead. As we explore the world of artificial Intelligence and its integration into daily life, we begin to see the plot come to life.

#2 Lars and The Real Girl

Lars and the Real Girl, a film that is loud and crazy but has a surprising twist, is for you if you are looking for something different. The sex movie about Ryan Gosling, a Hollywood star, was released in 2007. The film has many humorous moments, but it’s more dark comedy because Lars is able to develop a relationship with his sexy doll.

Lars is subject to a personal tragedy which teaches him how emotionally invested a person can be in a relationship. He finds a sexy doll that helps him cope with his emotions, without having to be close to anyone. The final scene is a wonderful storyline that will amaze you.

#1 Her

In 2013, “Her” was the first movie about sex that showed how a man can fall in love with a doll. This disturbing film offers a glimpse into the mind and thoughts of someone with severe mental problems. Because of how close the film is to our current society, many parts of it make you feel uncomfortable.

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