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Misunderstandings triggered BY Sex dolls being packed in BLACK PLASTIC BAGS

A man in a particular region within the United States bundled a 1:1 human-like silicone mini sex doll with black pigment tape, stuffed it and placed it on the back of a motorbike to be taken to his new home. Inside the plastic bags the human body could be observed in a blur, as someone sitting behind the driver, and the police mistakenly believed that the motorbike was carrying the corpse. A sequence of miscommunications took place.

While the officer was out on patrol and he observed the driver of a motorbike. There was an “person” on the rear seat. She was completely covered from head to foot with a huge white plastic. On roads with bumps feet and hands inside the bag would still move. Based on the look it appeared that the entire body was limp, and was lying across the knight. The police were shrewd enough to think that the body was being transported by a motorcycle, and they immediately pulled the knight off. He stopped quickly and inspected the corpse, and then touched it in the bag of plastic. It was as elastic and soft as the human body. Police immediately called the forensic team to provide assistance.

The police quickly reprimanded the man’s actions, and contacted the police online network for assistance. When he was convinced that it was a crime The policeman was able to touch the “dead” inside that black plastic container inside the bag and the material was soft. He called out: “A homicide has occurred! It’s time to call the forensics department.” The moment the police arrived, the five officers were on the scene and put on their forensic gloves and were as vigilant as would be a murder scene. When the officers were about to take out this plastic container, the suspect had only one option: claim that it was the anime sex doll which he used to express his desires. After that, the man was able to reveal the truth, end of the false alarm. He said: “Because I moved and had no vehicle, I had to take a motorcycle to transport my sex doll. Because I was scared of being noticed so I wrapped the sex dolls in an opaque plastic bag and secure it to my back seat to transport it.”

The police shook off the large stone that was within their heart, opened it and discovered an 163cm tall 50 kg weight made of imported silicone sporting hot breasts, wrapped in a sheet. It is believed that this doll is an exact 1:1 replica of a human. It is hairy and has the body is comprised of silicone. It has the same soft feel that human bodies have and even bones. But, it’s different from a person. The legs can be folded or concave. Sometimes, it is possible to let the sex doll perform “difficult” motions.

The driver of the motorcycle said his teen sex doll cost him 2500 dollars. He was hesitant to let it go and so it was taken to his new home at the early hours of the night by a motorbike. The police set off a false alarm, and were worried about frightening the other residents. A limousine was utilized in the transport of to his “intimate partner” and the driver was reluctant to move forward once they saw the humanoid figure. After being consoled by police, he decided to assist in driving”that “couple” home to the place of residence.

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