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Melon can gently scrub the vagina of your dolls

This applies to any “Happy teen sex dolls” that you have in your home. 

What type of replacement or fixed vagina should you choose? The main advantage of the replaceable vaginas is their ability to be removed easily for cleaning and sanitation. Js offers a variety of replacement vaginas.

It is very easy to clean a male sex doll. It is easy for sex-doll brothels to reuse the same love dolls and can disinfect the dolls immediately for their next customers. These toys are very popular because they help with loneliness and anxiety.

Some people may view the owners of custom sex dolls as perverts and sex addicts. However, people don’t understand the reasons they own sex toys so their opinions are wrong. Other things, except for your health are meaningless.

To clean your Japanese sex doll’s internal parts, you can use a loofah to rub the stick. A small amount of fluid will remain inside the doll which is very useful. You can remove any residue from the inside by using a soft scrub. It is important not to press too hard on the bottom, or other elements.

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