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Many friends want to purchase sex dolls

What is the difference between silicone simulation and silicone doll adult products. These are questions that many friends have when they want to purchase a sex doll. Silica gel can be used as a material. Silica gel is safe and tastes great in foods and portraits. Different products are made from the same silicone material, such as silicone doll adult products and silicone simulation products.

Many silicone simulation products are available, such as simulated penis, simulated genitals and penis, silicone leg moulds, simulated breasts and simulated genitals. The most interesting thing about the love dolls for sale is, of course, its genitals. You can say that silicone simulation genitals and leg molds are part of the silicone doll’s body, while the latter is the entire body. Who is worse or better, dwarfed?

Dolls made of silicone-simulated material, such as leg molds, pudendal membranes and upper and lower body molds, etc. There are many types of adult and sex products. High-quality silicone simulation products are made from silicone that is the same as real skin. It can also be resistant to high and low temperatures. TPE can retain the feel of real skin. Note: The silica gel will change if it is stored in extremely cold or high temperatures. Silicone simulation products will contain silicone oil if they are exposed to high temperatures. These are not unusual phenomena.

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