Make sure you take care of your doll’s appearance

Make sure you take care of your mini sex doll‘s appearance


As fascinating and thrilling as it is to create memories and excitement we would not suggest spraying perfume directly on your doll. You can apply cologne to the love doll‘s clothing without issue, however most perfumes contain alcohol and could cause irreparable damage to TPE or silicone. The scent could get into the material of your doll and cause it to alter the appearance of the doll. Therefore, we do not advise spraying perfumes on the doll instead, apply them to the sexy dress your doll wears to take pleasure in the scent and to avoid any issues.

2.Hair fashion of tpe sex dolls

The dolls that we offer come with hairstyles of your choice. You can also request additional hairstyles that allow you to switch from blonde to brunette, with long locks, if you like both! The wigs we offer are simple to keep clean. You can wash them as normal hair and play around with hairstyles, such as ponytails or use bows, clips and headbands to create an entirely new look.

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