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Maintain your love doll

If your skin is becoming sticky, you can also apply powders or bathing powders to dry it and make it smooth.


Sitting and standing as well as other poses prior to shipping long-term standing is prohibited. Standing is not permitted for non-standing. stand. A 180-degree standing position is not permitted. Instead, lift the cheap sex doll using your hands. If the non-standing model must stand in a metal frame, it can cut the leg, following which you should return the position as soon as you can in the proper position.

Because of the stain-ability in the material itself, dark-colored clothes are not suitable for a teen sex doll. Dyeing creams can only take care of small amounts of staining. Large-area dyeing is difficult to remove.

The use of an water tap to wash the vagina isn’t allowed. Cleaning large areas of your facial areas is not allowed. A cleansing oil and swabs can be used to remove pores on the face. Sharp objects and knives aren’t able to touch the skin in the event of a puncturing.

Avoid burning on flame, avoid burning fires, stay away from sun exposure. Items that are flammable should be avoided Please do not use alcohol-based strong liquids to disinfect and cleaned.

The user must be screened prior to using the product cosmetics, talcum powder as well as other tests. Allergies to this product purchase is not allowed. Before purchasing, advise the manufacturer and to take a sample of the raw material, test to ensure that you is not allergic to purchase this item.

Do not store erectly, if the eyes appear larger you can use a hand to modify your eyes(push the eyes so that they appear smaller to certain eyes, and to pull eyes could make the eye appear larger). Hair wigs can be made on your own, try to pick when you buy white Intranetis the one you prefer.

Restorative Procedure of flat chest sex doll:

If you accidentally open a wound, cleanse the wound area after blow-drying. You can then use a toothpick for a small amount of glue. it is preferential to cover by wounds, as the glue that covers the material is a little corrosive that can lead to is less likely to result in more severe incidental corrosion, or damage is more severe is caused, get in touch with the manufacturer to have it repaired. (Before you make repairs, contact the manufacturer to repair a videos for teaching.)

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