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Love position in the love doll

In the event that your room is an area that is not exposed to the direct sunlight and hot temperatures, then placing your doll in your bed beside you is totally acceptable “storing solution”.

They are soft and if you lie on your bed, there is no harm done the doll. So long as your bbw sex doll is not exposed to direct sunlight, temperatures that are high or pressure against the skin. I am sure putting your doll’s new addition in your bed is an appealing option initially. For one thing, who does not like a little cuddling and kissing in their bedroom?

For the best results, place an extra soft cushion under your doll in order to avoid the sagging effect of gravity, particularly when it’s made from TPE or silicone.

Alternately, you can lay it flat inside a mini sex doll storage box, or in an original box for packaging, or an air case.

Sitting position

Set your doll into a sitting posture on a chair or the ground. The efficacy of this storage solution will depend on the doll, as well as other aspects.

If you own an expensive doll skeleton that is able to hold positions and is comfortable, sitting shouldn’t be a major issue regardless of any fixation techniques. But, teen sex doll that are less expensive tend to shift their positions very little after a lengthy time. This could result in the doll falling out of their seat at some point.

I suggest you attach your doll to the chair in a way you intend to use the sitting position as a storage solution. This will stop your doll from falling and causing damage.

However, you must be cautious when fixation process because excessive pressure on the doll’s skin for a prolonged period of time is bound to cause the flat chest sex doll to suffer damage. When your doll is storage, it must to be free of any additional pressure.

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