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Love Dolls For Short Girls Are Popular!

As an image of someone who has never bought love dolls, there seems to be a strong impression that love dolls are all “life size” and are as tall as normal girls. In reality, however, not only life-size love dolls are made, but many diminutive girl-type love dolls are also made. Diminutive girl-shaped love dolls may be more popular than life-sized love dolls. It is said that the more people who can be called “love doll lovers” who buy a lot of love dolls, the more people who buy love dolls for short girls. For people who have never bought a lover doll, “People who buy lover dolls want the experience of having sex with a real woman, so why not buy a life-size lover doll instead of a girly one?” It may be normal to think so. So why are short girls’ heart dolls more popular? This time, we will introduce the advantages and charms of girl-type love dolls.

The biggest advantage of short girls flat chested sex doll is that they are relatively cheap and easy to get.

Before thinking about why short girls’ love dolls are so popular, the first thing you need to know is that love dolls are “a kind of masturbation product.” Also, unlike disposable masturbators, they are assumed to be used over and over again, so maintenance is also important. Love dolls can get dirty and damaged quickly without proper maintenance. Come to think of it, do you think you’d have sex with a love doll with a dirty and weird smell? With that in mind, here are the first advantages of buying a girl-shaped love doll.

○ Easy to handle due to its small size and relatively light weight.

All in all, it’s described as a “girl love doll”, but it’s quite wide in height. Specifically, the small size of about 100 cm and the large size of about 140 cm can be said to belong to the category of girly love dolls. Love dolls are lighter than life, but they are heavy. If it is about 140 cm, is there 30 kg? If you write 30kg, it’s probably not that heavy, but if you think about a 1.5 liter PET bottle, that’s 20 bottles. The taller the lover doll is, the heavier it is, making it harder to hold and move it, or change your position as a sexual partner. Even more difficult is post-coital handling. Lotion and semen cannot be removed completely by wiping, so you may need to take them to the tub to wash. Of course, I was carrying it all by myself at this time, so it was difficult to wash a heavy and tall big love doll in the bathroom. In this regard, the girly lover doll is lighter and smaller, so it is easier to handle whether it is during sex or when taking a bath.

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〇 Easy to secure storage space

Due to the size of life-size cheap love dolls, it may be difficult to secure a storage location. Basically, there is a kind of lover doll, the head can be removed, the hands and feet cannot be removed, so it must be stored as it is. Especially for those who don’t want to know that they have a love doll for the family they live with, it’s difficult because they have to find a place to hide. Imagine hiding someone in your room in a natural way and you’ll know how difficult it can be. Also, lover dolls can become deformed if not hidden well, so consider where to hide. Therefore, it can be said that diminutive girly lover dolls have more access to storage space than life-size lover dolls.

〇 Relatively cheaper than life-size dolls

Short girl type life dolls use less material than life size love dolls. That’s why it’s lightweight, but it’s also why it’s priced down. Of course, the price varies depending on the manufacturer, but you should think that the cheap ones are around a few hundred dollars and the expensive ones are around $2000-3000. There’s also taste in looks and style, so buying them cheap isn’t always a plus, but I’m glad the selection of love dolls that fit your budget has expanded.

The practical value of teenage lover dolls was mentioned earlier, but it’s not just the practical benefits that make teenage lover dolls so popular. The charm of girly lover dolls is a popular point in itself. Let’s go into details.

〇 You can enjoy the short-lived charm of girls forever

The biggest attraction of the Short Girl Love Doll is that you can hug and fall in love with the presence of a girl you can never touch in the real world. The girly lover doll is full of cuteness when a pure girl turns into an adult in front of the sexiness of adults. However, since actual girls grow up gradually, it is impossible to keep this cuteness forever. It’s nice to grow up to be a grown woman and flaunt adult sexiness one day, but it’s also lonely. In this regard, girl-based love dolls never grow up. It can be said that the biggest charm is that it always maintains the charm of the short-lived girl at the time of purchase.

〇 Easy access to clothes, enjoy fashion

Love dolls for girls are too big for adults, but you can enjoy all kinds of fashion in children’s clothing. Recently, there are more and more recycling shops selling second-hand clothes, and children are growing up quickly, so even second-hand clothes are easier to buy in good condition. The price is cheaper than adult clothing, so you can bring out the charm of love doll with various clothes and fashion.

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