Just how to take care of your silicone sex doll

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Taking care of your mini sex doll when you have actually bought it is so crucial, it’s a responsibility possessing a sex doll as well as they often cost quite a great deal of cash so you, naturally, wish to do everything to avoid your sex doll from wearing away and also shedding any of its quality.

There are lots of points you can do to make certain your silicone sex doll has the best treatment, so let’s begin with my list of things you can do to take complete care of your silicone sex doll and also guarantee it lasts for many years as well as years.

1– Usage Lube

If you listened to just one suggestion it would certainly be this set, constantly utilize lube with your silicone sex doll. You might seem like you do not need to but it’s so crucial if you wish to protect against wear, rips, and eventual rips. Likewise, making use of lube aids to make it really feel more sensible, especially if you heat it up a little in your hands prior to using it.

Make certain to opt for a water-based lube and re-apply if necessary.

2– Store Your Sex Doll Nude

Storing your sex doll naked simply ensures there is no limitation to your sex doll which no colors will certainly transfer. If you prefer to store your sex doll with clothing, ensure you are examining your doll often which the clothing hang.

3- Clean Her Hair

If you obtain the hair filthy you can clean it with a non-harsh shampoo and conditioner in tepid water, ensure you wash the hair extensively and also leave to dry in a ventilated setting. Brush softly when completely dry.

4– Look for Repair works

If you acquire your sex doll from my favored sex doll internet site (silicone wives) you will see that most of their sex dolls come with a complimentary repair set, this indicates if you observe anything awry you can repair it prior to it’s far too late.

From time to time provide your sex doll a twice and ensure there is nothing that has gotten the skin and also guarantee it is in the most effective problem.

5– Clean Your Doll

cleansing items

Make certain that you clean your sex doll after every usage, nothing is even worse than a sex toy that starts to scent. It takes less than 10 seconds to wipe your sex doll down and also guarantee the openings are clean. Doing this indicates your sex doll won’t smell and also will aid to maintain it in the best problem. I enjoy this sex toy cleaner spray.

You can additionally take your sex doll into the bathroom or shower for a proper tidy. Ensure to make use of cozy water (not hot) as well as non-scented antimicrobial soap. See to it to constantly dry your doll completely after cleaning.

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