Just how to prevent damages to sex dolls?

The fragile fingers of sex dolls

For me, the most considerable con can be summed up in one word: fingers.

It astonishes me that suppliers remain to produce second-class fingers when every other component of a doll is of such high quality.

The concern is that, in spite of my best shots, it appears difficult to stop them from damaging. I believe the only method to avoid this is to be very conscious at all times, however that would furthermore decrease my satisfaction of it.

I identify that it appears like absolutely nothing, yet there is no question that the spell is damaged when you need to continuously watch your fingers.

I am currently in the process of eliminating the cords completely, as this is currently the least negative choice. Some might say, why do not I try to repair them?

Why do not I take care of the eye-catching tpe sex dolls fingers?

Well, I could do it at some point, however I’m not sensible and wait to do it.

The earlier producers improve the fingers the much better, along with I for one would certainly be the extremely initial to update my existing doll if that were to take place.

One wonders why no one has considered making a screw-on hand?

By doing this, when the fingers break, we might a minimum of spend for a substitute hand. I’m sure individuals would certainly be willing to pay the added price entailed.

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