Just how to look after your TPE doll?

The ideas below are only suitable for mini sex doll made of TPE (not silicone). If you have a TPE doll with a silicone head, these tips are just for the care as well as maintenance of its TPE body. If you wish to check out the guidelines for making use of a silicone doll, go to this web link.

You will need: Body oil, VASELINE, talcum powder and also body lotion.

It is important to remember that the initial day is really important.

Clean it utilizing a mix of soap and water to eliminate the manufacturing deposit. The production deposit, otherwise removed, could with time cause her skin to gradually change colour.

Apply microfibre fabrics with soap and water and scrub it gently to remove the deposit (do not scrub as well tough!). Repeat this process 5-6 times till the manufacturing deposit is completely cleaned.

There is no requirement to carry it to the commode. Place some thin blankets on the flooring to take in the water. Lay her down on the coverings while she cleans.

As soon as she has actually been washed, apply baby oil around her body as well as leave it on over night. The following day, if she is sticky, sprinkle baby powder around her body. The preventive cleansing of the shemale sex dolls are ended up.

If your doll has a hyper-realistic paint task, it is washed initially. Do not wash her with soap and also water, as this might get rid of her hyperrealistic paint.

Care of the tpe sex doll
Use Nivea body cream weekly on the delicate locations of your flat chested sex doll (arm joints and underarms, knees, pubic area). Allow the cream soak up for six hours.

To make the doll’s skin as good as new, it is recommended to utilize child oil monthly or Vaseline therapies. Treatment: Cover the entire body with baby oil as well as leave it on for 30-60 hrs (if utilizing Vaseline, leave it on overnight). This will revitalise the skin, along with the all-natural oils in the TPE.

After a couple of days, the teen sex doll‘s skin might really feel sticky. To prevent this from happening, utilize the big makeup brush to make her skin appear with child powder/cornstarch or cornstarch.

Getting rid of the tarnish
The black stain that appears gradually on the doll and is not brought on by the garments could be because of the residue from the manufacturing. Make sure to clean her extensively with soap and water after she shows up in your new residence. (Wash it several times to be sure!).

Beware with various materials which contain dyes, inks as well as various other chemicals, as they may provide the doll’s skin colour. Stay clear of products such as paper or other natural leather or dark coloured materials which contain oil-soluble pigments.

Be sure to wash new clothes prior to putting them on your doll to prevent discolorations. Unwashed black clothes can stain the doll if used for less than five minutes!
Some black garments can stain after being tossed into a cleaning equipment. After washing your black garment and also placing it on her, check regularly to see if the garment, when placed on her, spots her or otherwise.
If your child has actually been discolored, eliminate the cause of the discolor as swiftly as possible. TPE is an all-natural substance that has the capacity to eliminate discolorations gradually until they are completely gone.
If the discolor is actually negative, you should use an acne cream, but ensure it includes benzoyl peroxide. Use the lotion to the afflicted location as well as leave it on for around 60 minutes. When this moment has actually expired, wipe the area as well as see if the discolor has actually been gotten rid of. Lightly tarnished areas must be cleaned up quickly, while greatly stained locations might need to be repeated.
Always utilize a water-based fluid before obtaining intimate. This will not just make the process extra pleasurable but will certainly also stop the doll’s skin from adhering to the skin and also breaking.


TPE is a fan of Vaseline (100% pure petroleum jelly). Vaseline replenishes all the oils in TPE. It avoids it from being harmed by recovering its elasticity.
Delicate joints, such as the armpits, or locations where hands as well as thumbs fulfill, can likewise take advantage of regular Vaseline therapies.
TPE take care of the vaginal canal, mouth as well as anus.
Weekly Vaseline therapy of the mouth, vagina as well as rectum is suggested.

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