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Just how do you dress up your sex doll?

” Because of different variations, the size may be altered to XS. anime girl sex doll with a height of 100cm ~ 140cm can be suitable for youngsters’s apparel. The size of children is usually divided into kids (100 ~ 110cm), middle-aged children (110 ~ 130cm), older children (130 ~ 150cm), etc. They are all exquisite as well as classy. We make certain that you will find your favored clothes for silicone sex doll. Mini wave dolls are special items, such as wigs. You can describe BJD three-pointer clothing.

Dress up your sex doll idea 1: Wig

It is easy to purchase sex doll wigs with an elevation of 140cm ~ 165cm. Real wigs can be put on by sex dolls. Most of Cosplay’s wigs are cheap and lovely, and also they are easy to buy on the net. About these wigs are good for sexual companion dolls. Smaller sized dolls with a height of 100 to 130 cm have a smaller head area. It might be preferable for youngsters’s wigs, which are tough to buy. Other mini sex dolls, such as 80cm, 65cm, and so on, also need special sex doll wigs. For instance: the wig used by BJD three pointers.

Spruce up your sex doll Pointer 2: Garments

Sex dolls can straight buy real women apparel with an elevation of more than 150 cm. It should be noted that the shape of a general doll will certainly be smaller than a real lady. Take note when purchasing clothing. However various brand names will certainly have different dimensions. For example, the size of your sex doll when putting on brand A is S. When putting on brand name B.

Tips for dressing up your sex doll 3:

“” Yet the bond is not strong sufficient. After cleansing or remaining for a long time, makeup will discolor. You can compose yourself or return a mini sex doll. Doll-house 168 will certainly reprise makeup. And also we will certainly not bill any costs. However the products will certainly be paid by you. Special dolls made of silicone rubber use special pigments. After the make-up is full. The majority of the make-up will not be shed. Pleasant reminder, the performance of makeup is stitched by hand.

What happens if my sex doll is dyed?

We call it dyeing. When you are using dark (black or dark blue …) clothing on a sexy real sex dolls or resting on a dark couch. It was located that the body created purple-black areas. If it can not be dyed with cleansing oil, color it.

When this takes place, you just need to utilize our decolorizing paste. Utilize it on the stained location and also allow it stand. After an amount of time (normally a day), you can find that the dyeing fades or is totally gotten rid of. If the stain is not totally gotten rid of. You can do it one or two times. It has to be removed completely. Please do not worry about it.”

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