Japanese Universities Make Use of Realistic Sex Dolls for Medical Education

When you think of sexual dolls, the image of “human sexuality dolls” is a thought that must be brought to the forefront. In addition to a lot of people who are single masturbation lovers I think that the ones most desperate for “human sexuality dolls” are in fact medical students at universities.

In the field of medical education they are essential hand tools for training. They are, therefore, generally less complicated.

Aldoll’s editor believes that ordinary people won’t have radical ideas when they view these dolls. They are basically just modules made to look to resemble human beings. But this isn’t the case in Japan. To help medical students undergo medical procedures more realistically, and also face patients, they created this teaching device for medical students similar to realistic sex doll or perhaps more real. A lot of students have said they’re confronted with the problem. Very few people are at peace and calm.

This sexually explicit doll is a medical robot called Hanako created in the Showa University in Tokyo, Japan and is designed for dental students.

To give the impression of being in the real world The researchers created the sex doll to appear as if a young woman with clear eyes and gorgeous skin.

As with the big booty sex doll available on the market the skin and muscles are made from TPE, also known as medical silicone. The texture is extremely similar to the human body, and is extremely like real people, whether it is handled or touched. It is the most authentic and most frightening part is that even the tongue inside your mouth can do the exact thing.

According to the study Hanako’s eyebrows, eyes and chin could be moved and even liquids that are watery can be released by opening his mouth. In the meantime it gradually relaxes the jaw muscles, allowing it to mimic exhausted patients. The level of authenticity is amazing.

The thought of having to face this beautiful “person” caused people to feel nervous. However, when the dental students are really eager to go through with their procedure they feel more scared and nervous. Because Hanako does not only look like an actual human being, but it could actually behave like a human acting “crazy”.

For instance, if medical students fail to follow the correct procedure or apply excessive force in oral surgery, it can create a painful sound, and create a disgusting expression. The strange reaction is frightening.

It is precisely due to this reason that Hanako’s ability to demonstrate the expertise of medical students and help them discover their weaknesses in a timely manner and, in turn they are able to exercise their mental endurance that can be called killing two birds one stone.

In actual fact, Hanako’s sexual dolls are traced back to ten years ago. The dentistry training offered in Showa University was already in use. The first generation of products were still comparatively rough and were considered to be ugly. Along with the horrific reactions described earlier, one can imagine the psychological repercussions for students of the time.

So, when the researchers created Hanako’s second version Hanako the primary enhancement was in the appearance. This is why they also hired the services of a Japanese manufacturer of sex dolls to be a part of the development and production of the robot and transformed the robot into an attractive and moving look as a sex doll.

Take a look, and think about it, as the response of your mouth to surgery is frightening. However, the ALDoll editor believes that when we undergo orthodontia, we might be terrified by all kinds or “weird” appearances. It aren’t any more than this.

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