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It is essential that the doll be realistic.

Let’s find out how Japanese sex toys are made. The core concept of craftsmen is to create dolls that are realistic and adorable in order to provide guests with a better experience. The second is the importance of good details in female sex doll. Head and hands should be the main focus. A pair of soft hands and smooth joints. The Japanese manufacturing process is reflected in the hair-planting technology. The eyes are quiet and vivid.

The price of these “cute dolls” varies depending on how precise the raw materials are. The highest grades use delicate metal skeletons and latex artificial skin. Japan’s high production of sex dolls has led to Japanese men stating that the world doesn’t need women. In China, more people are choosing to live with exquisite sex dolls.

These high-simulation TPE dolls can still inspire men to feel the real emotions, sacrifice, and dedication. Men can personalize their puppets with their preferences and personalities (the David Cat puppet has a Twitter account). They use their sexy real sex dolls to communicate with their real love.

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