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It is easy to purchase and transport sex dolls

Many are optimistic about China’s most realistic sex doll industry. Although dolls are currently doing well, they are mostly made in small factories. This is because there is very little demand for them and it is easy to transport and buy. There are also logistical and weight issues. It is difficult to distribute in China because of the large logistics involved. A luxury.

China’s sex industry will see more doll production in Dalian, Nanning, and Zhongshan than in Dongguan. Although there are small workshops in Zhangzhou and Fujian, they are not sufficient to fill the market’s vacancy. Many small workshops are affordable for high-end customers. It costs a penny for the Chinese. The Japanese sex dolls are real and very good. It requires more effort and is doomed. This industry still has a large talent gap.

The acceptance of huge tits sex doll in the world is slightly higher in Japan, Europe, the United States, and elsewhere. There have been doll rooms in South Korea, but they were blocked by political leaders. Small dolls are often prohibited in certain countries, making logistics difficult. The TPE sex industry is still small because it has no fish. This is a limited pattern. We still believe that the sex industry will grow. You shouldn’t expect more, but only high quality. Say goodbye to endless imitations and low prices. This is a crucial step for the entire sex industry.

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