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 Isn’t the cheapest silicone dolls good enough?

According to the maker the cheaper option isn’t a good material to create dolls out of. The first thing you’ll observe after receiving dolls made of such silicone is that it is very smelly. The smell doesn’t disappear fast enough. To get rid of the smell it is possible to wait a few days or weeks , and then it will diminish to barely noticeable levels. The smell can be traced to reasons that are legitimate. The fact that the scent is noticeable indicates that there is something that is vaporizing from the substance. What makes the doll soft and elastic is the fact that it is leaving the cheap sex doll simply evaporate.

The cheap silicone isn’t durable.

When the scent of cheap silicone is gone, there’s likely that the component which makes silicone elastic and soft has disappeared. This process eventually leads to the silicone drying out and tiny visible tears forming. This is because of the material’s inability keep its elastic properties. Much like TPE, inexpensive Chinese silicone is able to lose the moisture within it, and begins to dry out and crack. It then becomes sticky. There are many horror stories about these incidents on bbw sex doll forums, where people discuss about their brand new silicone dolls having ruptures in vagina the arm pits or knee areas. We are left wondering, what brand the dolls were purchased from, and did the seller make use of high-quality silicone or cheaper Chinese silicone for the flat chested sex doll.

What’s the reason Platinum silica so costly?

What is the reason American silicone so costly? The reason for this is that the factories need to source the material directly from Unites States. In addition to the superior quality of silicone and the better manufacturing techniques make it more expensive however, the process of importation is also a cost of the raw material due to tax and freight that has to be paid when it is imported to China. American silicon is the best way to go if you are thinking about your next silicone sex doll, and that is the reason why reputable mini sex doll makers prefer silicone. It is a pleasant odor it is also soft and non-sticky and durable, requiring little maintenance. One of the most notable characteristics for this type of silicone is it’s elastic and holds the elasticity for a lengthy period. It makes the doll durable and a cheaper choice in the long run because you won’t have to buy a second doll because the one you had is gone!

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